Friday, October 29, 2010

near-freezing temps today

Walked outside and saw a Halloween parade of costumed young people from nearby School Street Elementary School, in the middle of (one) blocked-off Pleasant Street roadway moving toward BRMC (the hospital), between N. Center Street and N. Bennett Street.  No visible breaths in the cold air, made potential for misery anyway after cold rain.

Continued to BAPL, where a young-looking woman was sitting outside in short-shorts, talking to a guy in a wool-blend jacket.  Read today's Bradford Era -- page four features 'Another Era' daily, and today's entry presented, "...50 years ago:  The Bradford Fused Silica Plant of the Corning Glass Works will produce a 62-inch diameter mirror blank and 35-inch disk of fused silica for a telescope to be constructed by the U. S. Naval Observatory near Flagstaff, AZ.  ..."  That, but no special jar to contain the rare and tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle.

The furniture is no longer standing in Tun'a Creek shallow water at the end of Pine Street, at merger with Boylston Street, since rainwater has added a few feet more depth to the waterstream now rushing toward New York State, covering the streamside walkways.  (The furniture store liquidation sale continues, with large banners, alongside Main Street  --  formerly a 'Rosen's' furniture store changed decades ago.) The creek perhaps should have an additional access-ramp in the West Bradford area, with each bridge footed with a walkway leading to and from such ramps.  At the present time, walkways extend along both sides of the creek from the Davis Street access-ramp, as example, but those have gapped sections that seem to be 'lost' walkway missing where creekbed wading becomes necessary  --  directly beneath the Kennedy Street and E. Washington Street bridges as examples.  The walkway beginning at the Davis Street access-ramp continues beneath that nearby bridge, both sides, but abruptly disconnects westward at Kennedy Street.

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