Wednesday, October 13, 2010

there they are again...

o  A short walk downtown to the U. S. Post Office here in Bradford PA, to send off a magazine to relatives, has revealed another result from telephone call-demand networking  --  that magazines (bearing advertisements that we don't want or need, for the most part) must now be sent 'parcel post' not book rate ("bound printed matter") as in the past.  The Publishers Clearinghouse group no longer will send paid magazine subscriptions as a gift to other address(es), if nicely asked with letter as in the past.  But then again, many cars, trucks and buses now lack front license-plate identification so the conspiracy theory remains firm with regard to cost/rate increases and safety-measure decreases.

o  Mechanic Street at East Washington Street has a pothole in the asphalt precisely located at crosswalk curb near a bike store.  Since the Parkview Market has closed as addressed West Washington Street further west from that intersection, people lacking vehicles will have to trudge to the Davis Street area supermarket zone this winter  from West Bradford environs (or pay to have bus or grocery delivery service).

o  A very short pathway to Bennett Brook from Poplin Avenue, near Callahan Park, shows a small-size male-underwear drop in the area where the white door-sized panel yet lay in the waterstream.  Two pieces of furniture remain standing in Tun'a Creek waters just east from the Mechanic Street bridge.

o  Two baby-over-a-bucket line-drawing renovation-materials containers were sighted today in the same vicinity  --  one on the a hillside dirt road above Winter Street labeled 'Brad Penn', near the aging oil-industry equipment; and the other on a newly-painted house porch addressed Summer Street near North Bennett Street (and also near other premises recently on-fire and burned).  The rusting and split oil-industry tank above Winter Street is now lying on its side, with bottom detached showing years of accumulated debris;  tractor-type tread marks are evident in the state dirt road and other mountaintop trails around and nearby the aged oil-industry equipment.

o  The Leigh and Kennedy Street area shows a number of missing-house lots (with stairways to nothing), together with a 'No Trespassing' sign on the remains, as a result from uses of a telephone call-demand strategy that elicited the phrase "k/nocked down".

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