Thursday, October 7, 2010

time to get wet

While walking through Callahan Park early in the afternoon, a greenish day/backpack that has been lying in Bennett Brook waters awhile was today removed and looped around a small oak-tree marker nearby the swimpool entrance.  Cool!

After stopping in the library to read today's Bradford Era and changing the film in my yellow plasticene panaoramic camera, a yellow-and-white plastic pen seen earlier in the week in perfect condition was again seen to be smashed in the East Washington Street roadway.  I walked over to Hilton Street after leaving an exposed film-roll at CVS.  The Forman Street bridge east from Bradford Plaza has damaged net-type sidewalk barrier streamside; the junction of Forman Street and Hilton Street has two overpass ramps and two aged railroad trestles spanning Tun'a Creek below East Main Street.  A pile of broken automotive glass lay beneath the overpass south side; almost all was picked up and placed in an empty bread bag, then dropped into a dumpster at a business address further northward alongside Hilton Street where 'No Trespassing' signs banned creekside approach near business addresses that include a storage facility.  Small cabins and  about a half-dozen houses are now gone that decades ago were lined up along Hilton Street's east side; where Kendall Oil Refinery workers would in the past rest in the cabins those have been  replaced with rusting metal beams and other metal equipment lying or parked on the waterside ground.

Workers were busy with earth-moving equipment at the end of Hilton Street bordering American Refining Group premises.  One of two tall, new-looking white creekside silo-type structures is lettered 'Dallas-Morris', with two railroad cars beside them, one a green 'Everest'-lettered railroad car.  While picking up another handful of broken automotive glass beneath the overpass, a small aging baby-food jar was also recovered as a singular discovery;  while carrying those to a dumpster located behind a nearby sports bar, a bright yellow woolly-bear caterpillar was seen safely negotiating the abandoned railroad tracks in the sidewalk area, but return to the tracks to make a photo-view toward Degolia PA showed yellow fuzzy worm to be completely flattened and spattered in the roadway traffic-lane, resembling thereafter a crushed dandelion flower.

Although the north end of Hilton Street is very close to Mill Street, ARG premises are private-property so the walk continued as a return to Davis Street, then around on Main Street to East Main Street where another horrifying bloody creature death was seen in the downslope traffic lane  --  a small brownsnake completely and recently crushed; the snake was peeled from the asphalt and placed in a bed of moss near one of the Eagle's Club parking lots.  Reached Mill Street by way of York Street in the East Main Street area where a rummage sale is scheduled this weekend within nearby church premises, and descended into the northward- flowing Tun'a Creek waterstream to pull out a woven plastic belt, a two-wheeled bicycle with damaged rear wheel, a jack handle and two curtain rods (in the water awhile to this date as the result from a telephone demand-call cult);  those items were then moved to a mowed area behind a small business premises addressed across the street from Dresser pipeworks manufacturer.  Small (less than two inches) brown 'minnow'-sized fish and others with perch-variety markings darted and glided throughout the creek habitat (there as well as within Bennett Brook and other local waterstreams).

Although clean when leaving the creek, the 'lost' items remained muddy when carried to the creekside grass and so hands and clothes again became somewhat muddy before return to Pleasant Street home in Bradford PA.  As usual, a few small cats were seen trotting through the mountaintop environs.

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