Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn views toward Degolia, Pennsylvania

 Two autumn views toward Degolia PA looking southward from Jackson Avenue in Bradford PA.

Autumn view toward Degolia PA from sidewalk extending to Seaward Avenue from Kendall Avenue, looking over traffic bypass lanes near ARG.
View toward Degolia PA from roadway berm between Seaward and Jackson Avenues, looking past ARG.
 Two overpass views toward Degolia PA from berm at Jackson Avenue, with mountainside Oak Hill Cemetery in background (recently restored) above East Main Street.

 View toward Degolia PA from Mill Street bridge over Tun'a Creek near ARG, Dresser pipeworks and some small businesses  --  water flows northward.

 View toward Degolia PA from Forman Street railroad trestle spanning Tun'a Creek behind 'Union Square' shopping plaza addressed Davis Street.
Other streamside view toward Degolia PA and Minard Run Road, water moving northward toward the city of Bradford PA, at alternative trail below Owens Way bridge just past Tuna Valley Trail tunnel beneath Route 219 traffic bypass.

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