Friday, October 8, 2010

autumn days and household sales

After a walk to the library to read today's Bradford Era this morning and a stop at CVS to pick up photo prints (views in Degolia PA  --  note:  keyword 'Degolia' online BAPL Internet catalog-search entry finds no database matches, but 'Degolier' entry asks "Did you mean deadly?"), pieces of furniture were seen in Tun'a Creek between Mechanic and Boylston Streets in downtown Bradford PA near silt-covered shoes (furniture in the creek is not an unusual sight, believe it or not).  A nice sunny walk northward again on East Main Street from Davis Street to Asbury United Methodist Church meant no special books found at their rummage sale, but instead a perfect black plastic Halloween bucket.

Return to the Callahan Park area then proceeded from East Main Street to South Kendall Avenue and along the shale-strewn berm beside roadway that extends between Jackson Avenue and Seaward Avenue, across from the local oil refinery.  Grasshoppers were numerous on and along the berm, together with milkweed plants and a lone yellow butterfly; unfortunately trash/litter has also been dropped alongside the roadway, intentionally or not with symbolic intent or simple bagged-trash discards.  A pink-and-green plaid slipper and white sock were found and carried to the Salvation Army addressed Jackson Avenue; one hillside-lawn piled-stone sidewalk-side barrier was seen to be disarrayed with some of the flat stones spilled onto the sidewalk.  Photo-views of autumn foliage were made as more views toward Degolia.

Clipped and dangling electrical-pole wires were encountered at grassy strips between roadways and sidewalks on East Main Street and two Jackson Avenue locations:  one vinyl-clad pointed end hanging at eye-level seen again today (at too-close range) was tucked behind its length stapled to a pole on EMS; a similar all-metal pointed wire at eye-level was also moved and tucked behind its metal component box between back and pole nail-head, and another nearby length of clad wire lying on Jackson Avenue sidewalk was wrapped around, then coiled and tucked at the base of another pole (in the leaning pole zone).  Easy work to save an eye or prevent tripping.

Continuing to scout "estate" sales advertised in the local newspaper, the walk proceeded along School Street to Interstate Parkway (where chunks of excrement dotted the sidewalk approaching and passing the hospital).
IP featured a dead/mangled adult skunk at the side of the roadway at Parkway Lane.  Passing-up one sale address near the two messes, the walking continued instead through the parklands to a sale that advertised books not far from BAHS; a few were found appropriate for the oracle-bead literature search and were available in a small house not far from Bennett Brook.    

Lovely day  --  yellow butterfly also lit upon a dandelion blossom near the park.

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