Sunday, October 31, 2010

the time is NOW to trick or treat

A cold and rainy night will no doubt deter many children and parents from making the neighborhood rounds in costumes with friends and family this Halloween night.

Dropped off a copy of an e-mail sent to the Archaeological Institute of America, that continues saga information about name-use schemes relative to uses of family names and of the mentally-transmitted mucousal-artifact memory-images circulating from the found oracle-bead chronicle, at a house addressed with the namesake of the local fire chief  --  paradoxically, a wooden house that would definitely benefit from some kind of wood-penetrating restorative/stabilizing compound, alongside State Street near the corner with Pearl Street.

Another lengthy cigarette drop was seen between parking lot and sidewalk alongside E. Washington Street, across from the former 'Nussbaum's' delicatessan and store at the present time being renovated and improved by the efforts of a new owner.  Relay of other information to AIA about the name 'Nussbaum' as possible allusion to the mucousal composition of the artifact oracle-bead chronicle found a few miles away decades ago, sadly, has appeared to have had premises vandalism or window-breakage as a result, then change-of-ownership.

Return to this Pleasant Street home here in Bradford PA was another encounter with a pile of gravel dumped on/beside a sidewalk that extends from School Street to Pleasant Street from Mechanic Street beside a former elementary-school (demolished) lot, where new houses are being constructed on the downslope (said previously to be intended homes for "the elderly").  The sidewalk has been semi-private -- without it one huge city block would extend from Pearl Street to the Jackson Avenue/Pleasant Street/Summer Street intersection.

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