Monday, October 25, 2010

another suddenly noisy night in sleeping West Bradford, PA

o  What seemed to be rifle shots within the city limits again roused sleeping West Bradford inhabitants last night, from the direction of south East Bradford; then what seemed to be firecrackers were sounding off as nearby as School Street  --  a pattern also heard in the Stuart FL Kingswood/Cedar Point condos area beside the St. Lucie River before major bloodletting.

o  'Moves for Children'  --  What would Jesus do?  Past Internet comment posted which asserts that adults should move aside for young children means that young children are then led directly toward/past such individuals (who must move onto private-property or traffic lanes with potential smack-down results)?  Such behavior can be classified as one result from Internet addiction and as misuse of Internet posted entries.

o  Oh yeah, your crafted fiberglass-insulation purchase can be easily cut with scissors to the size of a typical six-foot sliding-glass door and wrapped in a twin-size fitted-sheet to make a draft/condensation blocker.  These can conceivably be stacked if necessary to pad entire glass area.

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