Sunday, October 17, 2010

more gunshots in the night

o  Gunshots were heard throughout the nighttime Friday--Saturday very-early-morning.  One guy shoots off at the end of Prospect Avenue within city limits day or nighttime, from his new home near an old fenced city reservoir, when people are walking near/among wildlife.  Other gunshots can be heard from Bradford Township/West Washington Street area.  These are the mountains and biggie wildlife do come close to forage, which is a surprise to anyone who comes in from elsewhere outside these PA  regional environs.

o  Another tot smackdown was witnessed at Forman Street crosswalk and recessed-curb sidewalk-entry, intersection Davis Street nearby the U. S. Post Office yesterday evening.  Forman Street is featured in a recent forum entry at, where someone has posted concerns about roadway paving expected for the street.  How many toddler injuries and deaths are traceable to confusion about vehicles lacking front-bumper license-plate identification?    No-one seen driving such vehicles seems to be in any particular rush to rectify the 'no-law-against-it' change.  We can only hope that such small belly-flops are not automatically routed into football teams.

What the two smack-down areas have had in common is aging/rusting groundskeeping equipment:  an idle farmworks tractor in the Forman Street area, and rusting pullcart/roller-tamping equipment also in the Callahan Park area.

Of course the yellow-haired fashion doll, sans outfit, in the hillside Pleasant Street roadway was a distraction.

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