Monday, October 11, 2010

Hilton Street as it is today, in Bradford PA

LOOKING WESTWARD:  View from sidewalk East Main Street and Eagles Club parking lot, toward juncture Forman and Hilton Streets in Bradford PA.  Parallel railroad trestles span Tun'a Creek with overpass in background.
LOOKING NORTHWARD:  On foot across Forman Street bridge spanning Tun'a Creek, perpendicular to first set railroad tracks, moving toward Hilton Street.  Route 219 over/bypass in background.
 Other railroad trestle also spanning Tun'a Creek, below East Main Street with Eagles Club in background.
 Overpass ramp at juncture Forman Street and Hilton Street.
'No trespassing' signs posted between Hilton Street sidewalk and second set railroad tracks alongside Tun'a Creek.

Slightly rusted metal beams lying between second set railroad tracks and east side Hilton Street sidewalk.
 LOOKING SOUTHWARD:  view toward Degolia PA, with East Main and High Streets in background.

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