Monday, December 21, 2009

similar yet not the same...

When is an oil-well rig like a handicapped-walker device -- when a corporate headhunter wants to pin down some special information? Oh, wait, maybe the word is 'corporal'.

Months ago, the website featured a small story describing an oil-well rig worker whose head was pinned between two sections of that equipment thereby causing his death. The story now cannot be found when searched within that website using 'oil' keywords. Oh, wait -- the story 'Oil/Gas Driller's Skull Crushed' can be found under keyword 'Ohio'.

Preceeding that incident has been a number of other incidents and deaths here in Stuart, FL, relative to uses of vehicles and 'presentation' of special equipment such as handicapped-walker device (as well as canes and scooters) that in some respects demonstrate the interests of both automotive and petroleum industries, deaths mostly among 'seers' and witnesses to near-misses and options of presumed corporate representatives...that is to say, as example, the handicapped-walker is a form of oil-derrick and the pedestrian passer-by is the potential gusher.

Their testimonies are nowhere to be found. The waterflow action from river, lagoon and ocean here in Martin County, FL, is perhaps fabled for its effects upon sagging skin and muscle tone, but at issue remains the questionable practice to facilitate housing for the handicapped in the region among all other inhabitants.

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