Thursday, December 3, 2009

'Huge Explosion Reveals the most Massive Star Known' at

Should analogy be made with the most recent mine disaster in China, the phrase "observed from a dwarf galaxy" is comparable to 'observed from Hong Kong region' or from Taiwan with ostensible intent to prevent other future mining disasters--such attentional focus, however, causing yet another explosion. That images of the supernova are being continuously transmitted and mentally stored from population to population might also mean that attention directed toward that most recently publicized mine-site relayed an expectation interpretation to see other supernovas that instead became a real mine explosion again.

In other words, without mental transmission of the supernova imagery, would the mine disasters have occurred anyway? Although the term 'mental telepathy' was removed from dictionaries decades ago, that phenomena is yet real anyway. After all, the Three Gorges Dam project used explosives in ways that have seemed to be legitimate precedent activity as directed from afar; and the supernova images were no doubt hailed as a positive scientific advance. That a lone Chinaman swam into California from a passing ship centuries ago might be reason enough to expect that strategic reciprocation cause geological disturbance within that Asian domain--and if supernova images can serve as a mental model to facilitate such geophysical damage, then perhaps so be it.

However, the belief that a lone Chinaman allowed entry into CA remains the cause of seismic flux in the San Francisco region is trop facile. That a past mine explosion has been photographed using satellite equipment and can easily be claimed to be a celestial supernova (perhaps as an argument-for-the-sake-of-argument) belongs in the same belief category.

However, what is most probable and observable is the fact that a tiny mucousal artifact located in the northwest PA mountains affects the behavior of inter-species linkages in ways that amplify the impetus to use species-absorbed/transmitted data "for the greater good" -- "for the greater good" in China again meaning yet another bloody mess.

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