Wednesday, December 2, 2009

must be 'anti-bike'

Today is a fine day--sometimes sunny, other times cloudy, a breeze to cool the air and random sprinkles of raindrops.

However, in the bicycle lane south side SE Ocean Boulevard a drinking glass lay shattered, only the thick glass bottom intact with large pointed shards remaining as the sides of the container in the manner of a royal crown, making it a very dangerous piece of glassware indeed. Small bits of glass also lay in the curbside lane from the same vessel. As if intentionally, a piece of newspaper lay on the sidewalk within which the broken discard could be and was wrapped to be dropped into a metal trash bin standing in Cedar Pointe Plaza with a loud and definite 'bang' contact that turned heads all around and jangled many a nerve.

Not far from the SE Ocean Boulevard entry/exitway to Kcc, some aging bicycles stand ready for action nearby an underground pump installation, with other detached old tires leaning against a fence-type shield, slowly rusting along the rims. The broken drinking-glass has 'tumbled' in some way not far from that bike scenario, as if contribution to active terroristic controls over the id impulses and nonconcerns of bikers in the region (i.e., without regard to ethnicity but maybe with askance toward royal trademark mentality). Maybe I'll sweep the remaining small pieces up later, having returned to Kcc the back way along KTR.

Yet more bolts lay in the roadway along Monterey Road, in addition to a metal hoop again in same roadway near the curb and the VNA offices. Earbuds connected with a colorful small blue-and-black skull decal also lay 'streaming' in the roadway. A black vinyl-type object resembling a shoe-heel lay in the grassy sand along KTR, with a manufacturer's name and address visible on the underside.

The 2/12/2009 issue of the Stuart News has two pertinent articles worth retaining: (1) on page A2 datelined Harare, Zimbabwe, 'Mugabe rival takes prime minister oath', "...Morgan Tsvangirai...the opposition leader has been beaten and was once nearly thrown from a 10th-floor window by suspected government thugs...". (2) Page B11 tells us that 'Love still shines, despite hard times', "...member of the Independent Jewelers' Organization...Barton Jewelers in offering to provide a sterling silver heart necklace to about 100 deserving individuals for free...this program...began in Ventura, CA...".

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