Monday, December 28, 2009

illusions of safety OR danger

These images are old news in northeast Stuart (FL): One, a bent tablespoon commonly written up in drug-culture literature as a possible illegal-drug-use tool (a 'cooker'), this one (clean) is yet lying on the sidewalk beneath a concrete bench-like seating beside the Stuart Surgery Center on Monterey Road close to the intersection with SE Ocean Boulevard/A1A and nearby fig-drops and coconut palms.
The second image shows wires dangling from a wooden electrical pole and their end-connectors not far from the VNA building. The bottom 'tool-bar' of some ISP programs shows a desktop-to-desktop icon that can display the following message: 'Local Area Connection', "A network cable is unplugged." Whether the dangling wires beside Monterey Road across the roadway from the Blake Library represent noted situation or not has not yet been publicly ascertained, although it is conceivable that a continuous heavy electrical load of desktop-to-desktop contacts would be an nonnecessary burden upon pole and wiring.
The third image shows a metal tab that has the approximate appearance of a blunt-end knife, which has been lying along SE Ocean/A1A near the Vista Pines condo complex during the past week on the sidewalk, having been removed from the roadway a few days ago.
Otherwise, it is a warm and lovely day in northeast Stuart, FL.

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