Monday, December 7, 2009

nighttime on the Crary Bridge

Between 8 and 9:00 p.m. this evening, I decided to go over and sweep broken green glass from the southside walkway of the Evans Crary Jr. Bridge, carrying household broom and dustpan (not quite as if they were lance and shield). The plastic bags holding corn tortillas from the supermarket appear to be suddenly thicker as if the specifications have changed for just such glass-holding purpose.

Two small-size mangled sprinkler-heads (seen to be the same as those used in Sewall's Point lawns) were removed from the bridge also; they were first encountered many months ago on the southside walkway and placed at the base of one of the streetlights where they lay through wind, rain and traffic vibration -- until tonight when they were removed from that temporary placement and carried to Kcc then placed beside the barbeque set-up along with a metal bolt and a metal bar (both about two inches long) found near the crosswalk on SE Ocean Boulevard where that street intersects with St. Lucie Boulevard.

A green folded tie strip was also seen on the same bridge walkway.

No fugitives were sighted.

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