Friday, December 11, 2009

skewed priorities

o Members of the Archaeological Institute of America can receive 'eUpdates' through ISPs in the form of e-mails.

Two most recent 'eUpdates' contain the following passage: "Help the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) take advantage of Chase Community Giving's $5 Million donation to charities. Facebook members can help decide where the money goes." The section ends, "Click here to vote for the AIA!" You've gotta wonder! Annual due membership payments have increased significantly within the past year, along with sudden membership anniversary date change following an incident in Philadelphia, PA, where an annual meeting was scheduled and a man was pitched to his death through a hotel window.

o The surname of a Cader Press/Iliad Press key company member became associated with an East Coast Rhode Island (USA) nightclub incineration during a stage-show pyrotechnics display years ago; following that the publisher for some reason has not delivered one of its usual routine offerings to me, which are "vanity" poetry anthologies that contain contest submissions made available upon payment of a set fee.

Recently another attempt was made to determine why the poetry volume has not been received from Cader Publishing Limited in Sterling Heights, Michigan, different from past poetry-contest submissions and book-purchase transactions which were not a problem, with timelines given in traditional mail communications and prompt delivery of quality poetry volumes. While searching the Internet for yet another way to resume communication with the publisher, who has also not returned my money, was found and inquiry about the company made through that website. Both service lapse and nightclub fire occurred after the content of the 'vanity' poetry volumes was criticized as the result from telephone-call reply-demand strategies and subsequently Cader became the target of some kind of organized disparagement networking.

Then "Uh oh" -- following the inquiry, TV and Internet journalism have presented accounts describing another nightclub fire similar to the U. S. fire, this time datelined Perm, Russia, in the Ural Mountains where clubgoers all had to exit through a single passageway. The reported Russian fire has occurred after this 'skewed priorities' weblog entry posted, which describes a disposable lighter, pink terry-cloth rag/strip and some metal fasteners that might be the makings of a so-called Molotov cocktail left bagged in a Kcc dumpster.

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