Wednesday, December 9, 2009

remains aplenty

o Everyone middle-aged remembers when the Scouts of America took up worm-cuisine as a reminder to their membership that foraging should be one of their skills. Here in northeast Stuart, worms are commonly found perished on the sidewalk and it can be surmised that worm-cuisine has been one step into south FL culture for those hardy souls willing to bake up cookies containing dried earthworm remains. However, if such worms are saved they will be looking out for their saviors as other fauna and flora inexorably push them out toward the sidewalks.

As I walked along SE Ocean Boulevard during the first day of the month, one such worm saved from the pincer-like grips of many tiny red ants glided out onto the sidewalk nearby Kreuger Creek among others displaced and collapsed, as if approaching me -- when I again bent to pick up the very much alive worm, though, the creature began coiling and bouncing on the concrete as soon as it was touched, and was quite a spectacle for all including drivers passing by only a few feet away in the roadway. Literally, I could not grip it but necessarily flipped its +/- five-inch body back into the lawn from whence it had emerged.

o Today I set out to sweep up berries from Kcc driveway and front sidewalk along SE Ocean Boulevard, then walk over to the west island once again over the Crary Bridge. Two plastic bread-bags of berries were gathered and one bagful poured into the slough that runs under St. Lucie Boulevard and mingles with the river. Small live coconuts abandoned on the berm from a landscape clean-up were set in 'new digs' seen at the edge of two lawns alongside the roadway. The other bagful was carried onto the west island and its contents discharged upon southside shoreline, some also at the waterline both there and on the northside.

Fish jumped and skipped over the lagoon water. Pelicans and other shorebirds claimed their share of those smothered and battered within their own schools.

The northside shore held an-almost complete horseshoe-crab exoskeleton, lacking only pointed tail. A mini-lobster exoskeleton also lay among the shells and rubble on the beach; as well as the remains of a +/- three-foot-long fish, its head and tail-parts mostly intact with a few vertebrae intact from the missing midsection.

Three glass beer bottles were removed from the northside beach, two clear Miller's (R) and one green together with a few shards and pointed chunks of other glass (clear, brown and green). One wad plus one strand of fishing line was removed from the entry/exit roadway.

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