Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the first of the month

A routine walk takes me/myself/I along SE Ocean Boulevard westward to historic downtown Stuart, FL,, where a flock of seriously-outlooking crows sat in various aerial positions along the St. Lucie River, at times all focusing and drifting toward some thing or creature along the shoreline.

Many of the various metal bolts, wires, and plates removed from the roadway during past weeks have yet again been washed into the asphalt zone, some retrieved and wadded up in a piece of supermarket sandwich paper and abandoned on metal bench -- elementary cue-taking, but worrisome in a 'Watson' sort of way. Today a yellow-handled punch-tool resembling a cheap screwdriver was found not far from an area where stabbings have been reported (that is to say, near Martin Memorial Hospital with its in-premises ATM), in front of a dental orthodontics office. A black-clad PC cable lay as if strewn beside the curb (no doubt as a consequence from rainwater flow).

About half dozen small lizards were slain on the southside walkway, each covered with tiny red ants; a small black snakeskin seen within Kcc during return to condo was intact, but a major outwelling of red ants may have overcome the reptile shedding its skin, before it could slither away. A totally intact black (excepting transparent wings) bee-type insect about an inch long could be photographed with cameraphone along KTR.

Easy first-of-the-month tasks include USPO, a fast-food fix along U. S. 1, and a trip to the hardware store to peruse maintenance potions. A poster that described a lost Boston Terrier was affixed to a telephone pole. The traffic appeared to be panicked but determined to stay on-track after slayings in Jupiter, FL. The 'Adopt-A-Street' sign was gone from 10th Street, and Christmas decorations aloft and affixed to telephone poles.

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