Thursday, December 24, 2009

in print

o This week's free La Voz newspaper dated 12/18/2009 gives us the front-page headline, 'Vuelve esperanza de una reforma migratoria', and a newsprint advertising insert from Publix markets that features a large multi-color ad for "Papel Higienico Charmin".

o Yesterday's walk to the USPO featured a number of near misses, one a white four-door sedan turning off U. S. 1 at Johnson Street into a business-domain address and another a young woman operating a go-cart-like scooter on the sidewalk in the same vicinity. A youth fishing off the Krueger Bridge had his bicycle parked at the edge of the sidewalk, nearby a pair of rusting wheels yet attached to an axle visible in the foliage.

Other sights to sore eyes included multiple lizard deaths on sidewalks ranging from SE Ocean Blvd. to Palm Beach Road and along 10th Street and Monterey Road. Large bolts and rusting screws yet predominate in streetside bike lanes. A large grub lay disemboweled on the northside 10th Street sidewalk. Raccoons gamely foraged in the slough and retention pond along KTR; an old and sticky-sweet protein bar was tossed into the water from backpack.

o ('Business' section) and websites present articles titled, 'PA government to pursue shale tax, school funding hike' and 'Dairy farmers to get Federal money' (in NY state). Why not a peep from legislators about classroom overcrowding and seating-arrangement circuits that can shrink individual stomach to near-tube size so as to 'fit in' and avoid death outside school premises? Budgets that allot money and labor to distribute milk from other species do not solve spatial problems that affect digestion.

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