Monday, December 28, 2009

no comments -- "call for papers"

Today's entry viewable within the Research News in Late Antiquity website describes a future Annual CUNY Graduate Student Conference on Medieval Studies with the theme 'Intimacy, Fealty, and Friendship in the Middle Ages' scheduled in New York March 12, 2010.

Contestable telephone call-demand and surveillance methods typical of some Civil Defense participants can also be used to "flesh out" compositions which document and analyze past human behavior using historical literature as reference. The most visible example during past decades has been a spate of books which purport to expand available knowledge about the Biblical 'Jesus', which use information gathered from within present-day populations who number people named 'Jesus' as neighbors, workers and community members.

What to 'look out for' in writings presented with regard to the "Middle Ages" are uses of human behavior observed within the 'new' age-55+ condominium complexes, that can be used to pad or flesh out analytic writings which purport to interpret historical data that describes long-ago civilizations.

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