Monday, February 2, 2009

another bay another bottle

o Two empty beer bottles lying in Cedar Pointe Plaza -- one a brown Coors Light and the other a green Heineken.

o 'Groundhog Day' was recently observed in the state of Pennsylvania -- the observance is linked with an artifact 'oracle-bead chronicle' in Degolia, PA, which becomes visible after winter snow melts/recedes. The oracle-bead artifact can be located in its placement beneath a limestone roadside-rest/funerary monument; the site is a real shrine because the oracle-bead is a type of historical chronicle holding memory-images and a voice-strip within its waxlike mucousal content. The limestone 'chapel' is chiseled with the name of a Smith woman; however, the site was/is a shrine whether a name is chiseled on it or not, as a result from the artifact oracle-bead's historical imagery and its placement between base and ground.

Because the name 'Smith' is chiseled in the limestone, the other-species linkages affected near the tiny artifact are predictably influenced to focus special attention toward that family, such that 'hazing' Smith sailors predictably causes man-overboard incidents when those are directed into open water. As some form of "avant-guarde" intelligence, the description of Captain John Smith given in school history books is used as reason to target that 'superior officer' name when protesting the loss of indigenous woman Pocahontas (said to have been a marriage to a European male).

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