Wednesday, February 11, 2009

corruption as an intentional act

Recent Internet journalism names the United States as the 17th-ranked most-corrupt nation in the world. Reasons might include:

o New 'age-55+ communities' are business ventures engaged as response to the demands of particular populations. If a new 55+ community begins slaying all other age-groups, who is charged with lawsuit (the community as titled, or its inceptor realty)?

o No-front-license-plate vehicular scenarios can be categorized as civil disobediance, scarce metal-materials conditions, labor-population rebellion, or metals redistribution to other manufacturer realms -- all adding up to chaos in the sociopolitical arena.

o Some tech-research applications are totally clueless -- e.g., nanotechnology appropriate to vibrate a rare mucousal oracle-bead chronicle (so that its historical content-imagery can be seen and its voice strip heard) instead becomes the new research at Georgia Tech, where a "vibrating glove" might be used to teach musical instrument use ( The artifact reality is that the oracle-bead can be very carefully vibrated with a human fingertip so as to view its contents.

The "...early design is basically a golf glove powered by a battery that's hooked up to five vibrating motors. The glove has a wireless link to a PC and sends a tiny jolt through the motors...". This is hilarious. One reason the game of golf exists is to whack an acceptable object (i.e. the golf ball), not scrape/whack and damage the mucousal oracle-bead artifact. Such a bulky hand-cover contrivance would have a great probability to ruin artifact; the oracle-bead chronicle is made from the waxlike organic mucous of its maker.

o A Toyota of Stuart car dealership ad televised in this South Florida region shows a grizzled Earl Stewart expounding about the ideal customer-sales circumstance of 'no dealer fee' together with his agreement to add no such fee on his company invoices, said speech delivered using the trapped tones of an automobile seller who has received stock lacking front-bumper license-plate holders or rivet-holes pre-drilled.

Oh wait -- the word is "least".

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