Friday, February 13, 2009

a pond of retention is worth more than any impoundment

More about the setting where the fabricated sink/PET-jug 'torso' junk-art was found here in Stuart, FL:

In the past, there was no small dam to control water flow into and out from the river-pocket, which was formed as the action of a small creek and St. Lucie River water influx comingled.
The civilizing action of the small dam has been augmented with space-control fencing. The section of the pond formerly accessible from alongside Kingswood Terrace Road is fenced-off now using metal chain-link. Metal chain-link fencing is also used to separate the pond into two sections, extending at a right angle from the roadway fencing through the water at roadway terminus to the far side where private-property houses have been built facing St. Lucie Boulevard.

The sandy trail is bisected by the retention pond and KTR. The former creek is also channeled using straightened slough/ditch/canal/moat behind Vista Pines condo complex, as previously described.

The section of the retention pond behind Kingswood condo complex is not fenced and is bordered with hurricane-damaged woodland/sandy trail. The joke and not-joke is that northeastern populations residing north from the Mason-Dixon Line (PA/MD states border) habitually and purposefully face southward hoping to drift into milder climate-zone; and those residing on southern-slope mountainsides must face southward and inevitably drift as well (this seems to be a foolproof way to move into milder climactic zones) -- these are the populations looking to acquire/build personal property in southern FL.

Unfortunately, the southward-drift habit is not appreciated once Florida residency has been attained because the tendency to pin, snuff or crush other people cannot be justified in the least way whatsoever (using gravitational force as blame/excuse). Hence the rationale to alter condo-community-border waterstreams in ways that might contain drifting or 'bumped-off'' humans. In other words, the retention pond is there, non-fenced, to buffer Kingswood residents; and the slough/ditch/canal/moat (variance with seasonal water levels) is there for Vista Pines residents.

Apparently, the junk-art 'torso' also warns about the wilds of the St. Lucie River only a short distance from the small dam.

{Gee, did I use the word 'guise' wrong in a previous entry?}

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