Monday, February 9, 2009

a decoy?

The sandy trail that leads from the end of Kingswood Terrace Road to the retention-pond dam here in Stuart, FL, also shows a white metal sink embedded in the sand and now-strawlike grass. This sink is placed basin-down such that the rounded sink bottom and short threaded connector drainpipe seem to be the abdomen and penis/clitoris of a white person; two gallon-size plastic milk jugs appear to have been placed such they they seem to be large breasts over the rounded sink basin -- in artsy-fartsy terms, this is a piece of junk art to which the attention of guncarriers can be directed unbeknownst to the general public, a sort of makeshift target.

However, as guncarriers are directed toward the private-property junk-art composite figure, they instead injure other people and livestock. Furthermore, fugitive photo headshots are routinely published in the Stuart News (and in this Sunday's 'Parade' supplement) such that any fugitives in the region may be protected from disabling shots among their fellows, using "innocent until proven guilty" rationale, such that gunshot attempts instead disable or kill non-fugitives.

Furthermore, it is suspected that such tactics as 'one large snake swallowing another reptile' within Florida environs (as reported in newspaper and Internet journalism, with video) is another demonstration of orientation towards the junk-art figure as something to shoot or bite in the region, rather than any possible defensive action among other people or other species, which when so disoriented can only hurt each other.

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