Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Who-D-La

o As promised within website, I have received a free packet of essays and other information from the International Preterist Association, Incorporated. This membership believes that the Bible is a history book and that the events described therein have already happened. I was sent a receipt, not a bill, together with other printed-paper items such a list of books for sale and essays with titles such as 'What is the Preterist View?' and 'Preterism 101'.

As an opposing viewpoint, it can be said that extensive use of the Bible as a travel guide or as use of passages can cause predictable results ("prophecy") traceable to the book itself. Also, proximity to an oracle-bead site in Degolia, PA (IPA addressed in Bradford, PA, very close by) will also affect populations since the artifact mucousal bead is filled with someone's historical memory images as placed beneath a roadside-rest/monument where other small species can 'read' them and behave/react to them. The oracle-bead shows memory-images of ancient world seas, which is why the IPA as addressed on Seaward Avenue is especially apropos.

o More come-downs within the gas-guzzling professions, ostensibly with intent to change the behavior of cigarette-smokers within the ranks. Today's Stuart News has a front-page story titled, 'Two St. Lucie firefighters arrested on marijuana cultivation charges' together with photo showing potted plants being carried in a van, "...deputies seized 80 marijuana plants from a warehouse in Martin County and four...from a shed in rural St. Lucie County. ...".

This PC terminal is owned by a firefighter locally employed (named Dave) and I am glad to have delivered a sprouted avocado seedling to him and my (younger) sister awhile ago as an example of legal cultivation. The location of the Martin County warehouse, on Jack James Drive, is very near 'Wildcat Trail' as mapped; there is a Wildcat Road in Cattaraugus County, NY, not far from the city's creekside cemetery in Olean, NY (where waterborne microbes are suspected to gain access to interred deceased individuals).

As a tenant in San Francisco, CA, in the Mission District, a single cannabis sativa seed found in a cobblestone alley (Cypress Alley!!!) sprouted into a treesize bush easily and quickly within a clay pot placed outside on a fire escape, for all to see. No police were sent to the apartment door to carry it away, since efforts to justify telephone harassment were underway following the enactment of anti-telephone-harassment laws.

o Other observations -- I am right to carry a deteriorating red apple outside the condo unit, but the right to abandon it for the use of a visiting raccoon is privately contested.

Also, today, the ISP subscriber whose ISP I am using to write this blog has received what appears to be some kind of check payable to my father (the subscriber) from Toyota here in Stuart, FL. I can't open the mail, but it has arrived via USPO in a window-type envelope, as addressed.

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