Sunday, February 8, 2009


o Hey! Try to save your message entry [before sending it] and a blank will show -- without a 'may not save correctly' warning.

o 'YMCA Easterhouse' raffle ticket-stub arrived in the mail. O, who will be picked this year to win a free South Florida house and benefit the YMCA? Will it be another "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" draw?

o Broken brown beer-bottle glass swept from roadway of bridge over St. Lucie River, south side; swept from traffic-lane into two of many small sluice-channels extending through the roadway wall -- which means that the pieces will be washed onto the bridge walkway when it rains again. Brown pieces piled into the sluice-channels appear as if they are two square brown eyes from the artsy-fartsy perspective. Two more additional small plastic flags (about 4" x 4") are lying at the side of the vehicular lane.

What causes more nightmares -- glass in the vehicular lane/roadway or 'sluicey in the guise of diamonds'?

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