Saturday, February 7, 2009

thorpe appeal

Last night the trek to a bench on the bridge overlooking the St. Lucie River, after midnight to get some fresh air, showed a shattered brown beer bottle in the south driving lane. A colorful small plastic flag was lying on the walkway some short distance from the pieces of glass, perhaps demonstrating some kind of heft-a-lot accidental drop.

This latest drop has occurred after a bear was hit with a vehicle near Miami in Dade County, FL; injuries included two broken legs and a lacerated haunch. All those who do not vault the roadway barrier and pick up the broken glass might also fall into the 'haunch' category of creature movement across the bridge according to a category of human judgment that might also believe that stretching or otherwise stressing the blue color out of eyes might grant entry into the world of subtropical legerdemain (i.e.. "keeping our eyeballs pealed" colloquialism).

The discard behavior pattern (beer bottles and cans/other liquor bottles) can be traced to dog-walking incidents at Roosevelt Middle School in San Francisco, CA, when one youth menaced a Rottweiler with a pellet gun after the canine would stray into the schoolyard there; apparently the young man now carries a can or bottle with him enduring harsh and personal criticism about the maneuver -- the same dog carried away during an alligator encounter here in Florida, as videotaped.

The question is, is the bottle or can also carried onto "party boats" as protection?

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