Thursday, February 5, 2009

stop the caissons

Sunday's Stuart News headlined the start-up of Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies in the town of Tradition, FL: 'Research coast opens', "200 celebrate opening...biotech...use to test compounds that are candidates for future drugs. ...the first step for a group of biotechnology companies at the Florida Center for Innovation at Tradition. ..." in St. Lucie County.

The initiation of the biotech boom follows revelation in the 1990s about a mucousal oracle-bead artifact found in the northern PA mountains that is a type of chronicle which has memory-images and a voice-strip contained in a waxy gel. The tiny oracle-bead should be carefully contained during archaeological investigation using appropriately-designed and -engineered nanotechnology to vibrate it so that its historical content-imagery can be viewed and its voice strip heard (comparable to machine-made historical photography and audio recording).

Both the and websites have been publishing extensive viscious commentary about "tot-Mom" Casey Anthony's loss of her daughter in the Orlando, FL, area -- commentary perhaps associated with archaeological-domain hearsay fears about the use of the name and sociopolitical roles of athlete Casey Stengel -- i.e., will the same demand-call influence network that put new terminology descriptive of the oracle-bead artifact instead on drug labels also heedlessly 'send in' someone to stent or pierce the rare oracle-bead artifact such that it is destroyed?

A 'Casey's' restaurant during one time period (past decades) was operated in the village of Limestone, NY, about 15 miles from the artifact site in Degolia, PA; there was also a stone-block 'Castle' restaurant operated near St. Bonaventure University in Allegany, NY, that became so overused by college students (including those from SBU and UPB in Bradford, PA) that it was demolished.

In August 2008, Florida journalism also described the death of an infant, alleged to have been killed by his 350-pound father named 'Casey', who is said to have killed his own infant son (skull fracture). There has been henceforth a three-pronged tirade of attacks and rage that focuses upon the name 'Casey' from a multitude of perspectives, including anti-obesity tirades that fail to comprehend that obese people just cannot be easily carried away and enslaved among influence-network participants wanting new business-schemes and opulent lifestyles for themselves.

The same influence-network, operating through the telephone, causes the family mishaps which they then protest, using telephone demand- and attack-calls in both instances. The call-demand network has also operated to route the oracle-bead artifact new terminology onto drug labels as new 'brand' names applied to generic chemical compounds, thereby subverting an entire due process of drug-manufacturer licensing and distribution.

Other allusions to other words similar to 'Casey' are no doubt circulating as the culmination continues of information misuses traceable to wordplay and simple transmission/seizure of elicited words and phrases during demand-call strategies.

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