Monday, February 16, 2009

heap big changes

Hot effing news! The hedges at Building #54 Kingswood condo unit entryways (and others) have been removed!

Decades ago, in Bradford, PA, hedges that held winter snowfall on the small front lawn of our neighbors (the Kornackis) were removed and replanted on a different property of theirs. As anyone can surmise, one of the main activities and mental focus in Bradford is automobile use -- lovely white-berry shrubs that assisted uphill walking on Bennett Street one day quite suddenly were no longer 'available'. Later an entire block-length row of housing disappeared across the street from them.

The Kingswood 'Beautification Committee', equipped with hand shovels, dug and carried foliage all morning today (President's Day holiday), while new trees and flowering shrubs await transplant. Now, a small dumptruck and other equipment are proceeding to dump mulch to cover soil near the transplant zones.

The black-plastic disposable lighter found near a fruit-smoothie/tanning salon business location yesterday has been placed beside the Kingswood #54 barbeque (continuing a relocation placement trend).

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