Friday, February 6, 2009

AOL gallery pix

o Website has been publishing some excellent photojournalism from Columbia this past week, including photo that shows the fossilized bone of "Ancient snake uncovered is world's biggest'. The removal of the immense snake skeleton will no doubt cause some behavioral changes among reptiles in the American continents, because it will no longer be available in wildlands as an evolutionary/ancestral focus for that species.

The galleries also included photos of 'new find' amphibians such as tree frogs normally green that appear to be denuded of their green coloration in the way that brown land appears after environmental storms or other deluges. The salamander photo shows physiology and creature demeanor similar to other small salamanders found far away in the Allegheny Mountain range of northwestern PA/NY near an oracle-bead chronicle artifact site -- appearing to be voracious and alert (spotted, while the Allegheny salamanders are striped).

o A live stringbean vine is growing nearby beside the asphalt roadway within non-condo-complex foliage -- easily begun with dropped stringbean purchased at the supermarket months ago.

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