Wednesday, February 4, 2009

what droppings say about a creature

Nothing new -- still quite cold in northeast Stuart, FL, temperature in the 30s (always a surprise in this southern FL region).

Near the retention pond behind the Kingswood condo complex, one dropped 'Dutch Masters' cigar package (grape-flavored???). Also, past actions to 'release' tiny apricot fruits molding on the ground beneath the tree-of-origin have been futile -- when a few are tossed into slough/river water along with smashed red tree-berries, they are found and returned via the excrement of some large bird in the same way that the outer shells of barnacles can be found lying on the ground as a source of minerals added to sandy soil in the pond area.

Milam's Market has made a sudden switch to blank non-lettered plastic grocery bags. Gotta huzzah!

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