Saturday, January 31, 2009

NOT the old mill stream

1/25/2009 -- Lottery slips, beer bottles, bagged beer cans, (roll of black electrical tape? or...) a part from a sprinkler head), small dead bluegill-type fish on wooden beam, black tank-top yet hanging in bushes at the Kingswood Terrace Road retention pond behind Kingswood condo complex. New tortoise hole at sandy trail leading from road. A large and barkless dead tree, bearing dead pine cones, is cracked near its base and eventually will fall over onto the sandy trail -- perhaps extending into the pond itself.

Broken Bud Light bottle within Kcc grounds, near lampposts holding small frogs during usual nighttime warmth.

1/28/2009 -- Crumpled metal license-plate and PVC plate-holder found near retention-pond dam. Sticks piled within a small turn-off from the trail could become firewood if carried away or possibly a signal fire as situated.

1/29/2009 -- The Stuart News printed a small article titled, 'Deputies find an assortment of drugs', "...Marshall was pulled over by deputies for having the wrong license plate on his vehicle...". [See also weblog entry describing vehicle with hand-printed sign attached where the license plate was missing.] License-plate/holder both removed from haylike grass and placed in a plastic Walgreen's bag (turned inside out) that was lettered 'To police' with black indelible ink marker; bag containing items was placed at base of non-lettered red stop-sign at end of Kingswood Terrace Road.

1/31/2009 -- Bag containing license-plate/holder gone; pile of sticks moved to anchor living plants growing from the sand. More sliced baguette-type white bread found poured near shoreline at dam.

Red plastic disposable lighter found beside sidewalk at SE Ocean Boulevard near Vista Pines condo complex. Swarms of small red ants on broken sidewalk at corner of KTR and SE Monterey Boulevard; other sections of the sidewalk are also broken and slump, but some sections of the concrete remain perfect. Heineken bottle yet remains beneath bushes. A broken Bud Light bottle is removed from Kingswood condo complex grounds.

o 'Must-have' thought: Has the alleged 'Killer Deputy from Tennessee' spawned others in south Florida, perhaps using 'body farm' scenarios as impetus?

o Thoughts about 'Eight Belles' black filly and broken ankles during racetime finish include the possible influence of a black sandstone/coral piece found on the beach at Blowing Rocks Preserve on Jupiter Island, that resembles a horsehead with shell-bit eyes and has small holes through it. Perhaps the filly was intentionally 'broken' or simply lost the will to continue.

o Does Wells Fargo Bank really belong in Florida? If "no", how can the membership be dissuaded from operations east of the Mississippi River? My only experience with Wachovia Bank has been one ATM in Lancaster, PA.

o Perusal of the local Yellow Pages telephone directory finds more than twenty specifically 'pizzeria' listings, plus other 'Italian Restaurant' listings that offer cheese-laden pizza pies. In the 1970s, the city of San Francisco, CA, had only one pizzeria as representative of its kind; during the next three decades dozens more were installed with a concomitant person-overboard rate in the region -- which leads to the speculation that the purpose of the pizzerias may be to cause such incidents.

o It's cold outside, and the Socrates spider has returned to the bathrooms here.

o In the 1960s a glass eye was found behind a neighbor's garage in the small city of Bradford, PA, addressed on Bennett Street. Recent journalism described a TX prison inmate who is said to have gouged out one of his one eyes and ate it, such that significant reaction to the 'news' has been inevitable.

o Finally, the renovations-material container which bears the line-drawing of a human figure bending over the liquid-filled bucket remains in use, from time to time set outside the former chapel-become-toolshed. One time toted away to a recycling bin, it has simply been replaced outside the door of the small structure (there it is again).

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