Saturday, February 14, 2009

Internet ways and means

o The website has been featuring a physician-written article titled, 'Casey Anthony: Profile of a Sociopath'. Along with all the usual histronics vented whenever a child-loss legal case is highly-publicized, I was able to claim comment-space to point out that a new 'Bistro' has been installed in Cedar Pointe Plaza here in northeast Stuart, FL, very near an 'Anthony's' womenswear store located in the same plaza, where a tacqueria may have been/is preferred.

Yesterday's Hometown News issued describes the 'Area Death' in Martin County of one "...Kinlin, Robert Frappier, 41, of Hobe Sound..." who is reported to have died Tuesday -- such a very short time after the comment entry. The French word 'frappe' is applied most successfully to machine transformations of oceansite alkalines and salt to make detergent and food-seasoning/roadway-stabilization products, whereas the noun is also used to describe frothy pulverization of fruit tissue with ice. The fruity dessert as concocted does most permanently open up harsh and continuous criticism of the French in general.

o Immediately after a poll was posted with the 'U. S. News' section of the website that asked 'Should Navy interlocutors be sued?', a supermarket tabloid published a front-page photo and accompanying story about a 'Swayze's' health problem; the insinuation might be that an elder John Cameron Swayze (a Navy interlocutor) may have benefitted too much from an association with the small and unique Tun'a Creek watershed in McKean County, Pennsylvania, where a branch campus of the University of Pittsburgh (PA) was initiated decades ago.

o One of the Palm Beach TV stations broadcast video footage of a Komodo dragon transported to a south Florida zoo, to be exhibited during a specific time period. The St. Lucie River reptiles must all be gathered around the new arrival, because only a handful of small lizards remain nearby this Kingswood condo complex -- surely they must take turns to see their relative originating from Madagascar island environs, along with representatives of every mammal that has ever been swallowed whole by a large reptile.

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