Thursday, March 31, 2011

freddy's d'ed

[Need new ink cartridge, sorry]  Above, new discussion posted at San Francisco CA forum with regard to 'special' historical palm-tree found in Golden Gate Park environs as the activity of UPB-affiliated  populations and others.

1490 NewsBlog: Pascarella Picked for Big 30 Team

1490 NewsBlog: Pascarella Picked for Big 30 Team

It's another year to put together a 'Big 30 Team' in the NY/PA region, and player named from BAHS is said to "...want to play in the Big 30 Game to have fun and hit people...". Pascarellas have lost at least two homes in the Bradford PA city area, one from fire and the other from scheduled demolition -- both the result from a telephone call-demand operation that destabilizes both local neighborhoods and businesses. The call-demand method also demands replies to 'leading' questions, hence the anti-incrimination laws.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

at this time, snow flurries AGAIN

This afternoon was cool and sunny, temperature high around 50-degrees Fahrenheit.  Picked up the remainder of a shattered brown-glass beer-bottle uncovered during snow-melt, on the sidewalk alongside N Center Street at corner with Pleasant Street.

Walked again to the library to read newspapers, and during the wait for today's edition of the Bradford Era, took up another French-language volume from the 'Hanley Collection' at BAPL, titled La Musique et la Ballet in La Revue Musicale, Dec. - Janv. 1953 No. 219, Editions Richard-Masse, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris.  This volume, as so many French-language volumes do, has pages not fully cut such that it is not easy reading unless a new note-card is used to'cut'/tear the page-folds open.  This is a great little book, with allusions throughout to the oracle-bead composition, placement and physical appearance as well as allusions to its effects.  Check this out, as page 13 allusion to the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle in its outside placement:  "...Le Ballet ramene en somme a ses doux substances essentielles:  danse et musique.  La possibilite entrevue d'une choreographie pure, faite d'ordre et d'equilibre plastique, et aussi, d'une musique authentiquement creee [sic] en vue, du ballet et de la danse, hors de la contrainte d'un quelcenque livret... ." (Excerpt from chapter titled 'Origines Musicales Du Ballet' by Ferdinando Reyna.)  The text just goes on and on with literary allusions to the rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle- bead, and I truly hope that it does not disappear before the next chance to take more quotes from the volume.

Walked westward along West Washington Street, where a bottom-row window in the former McCourt Label building is slightly broken, not far from the rusting air-conditioner that overhangs the sidewalk between ISP and Bennett St.  There is also a small pellet-hole in the glass of the adjacent corner office setting, that was recently tidied-up with Halloween decor in the window-display area.

Poplin Avenue roadway work is progressing, although songbird's nest is gone and embankment below [another] antique-period Bradford PA city reservoir has been scraped bare with heavy earth-mover (goodbye flat rocks and bushes).  New wooden utility-poles have been installed alongside the asphalt walkway at the edge of Bennett Brook at inner parking-lot edge in Callahan Park, where melting icicles have slid from the ice-skating-rink eaves to stand upright in the grass at the base of that building.

Sen. Casey wants feds to help with Pa. explosions - Topix

Sen. Casey wants feds to help with Pa. explosions - Topix

In a way similar to the way that treefalls in the region may be targeting specific vehicles, specific households are being felled with mysterious explosions here in the Bradford PA area.


The Lighter Side of Counterfeiting Puts Zippo in a Fix with 'Rippos', at Bradford PA News and Forum.

Monday, March 28, 2011

coupon time

While walking to the 'Union Square' area alongside Davis Street, where one of a number of 'Bradford Plaza's is busy, noticed that bagged infant diaper is gone from Pleasant Street 'heinous house' stepside and almost-full trash-can setting in front of that house with broom laid below steps barrier-style.

Two new large yellow signs installed on each side Walker Avenue moving eastward near intersection with Mechanic Street, each lettered 'DEAF CHILD AREA'; sunken north-side roadway small drainage grate and broken asphalt support in same neighborhood area extending to Kennedy Street.  Dead bird lying on walkway into Hanley Park from Kennedy Street beside Tun'a Creek; small denuded tree lying in streambed beneath Davis Street bridge in exact same position as larger tree now gone downstream after years lying below bridge.

Eye-catching orange-colored comb lying in yard, medical-building offices formerly addressed beside YMCA alongside Boylston Street here in Bradford PA.  Walk along West Washington Street onto Poplin Avenue shows roadway work in progress beside Bennett Brook near Callahan Park entrance, where large metal dumpster has been removed to BAHS parking lot across the brook-ford area.  The area swimming-pools, now split into one good-sized and one small pool different from one large pool decades ago, remain full with water and iced-over beside the ice-skating rink-building.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tibetan Buddhist Monks Will Construct Colorful, Sacred Mandala at the University of Redlands - Yahoo! Finance

Tibetan Buddhist Monks Will Construct Colorful, Sacred Mandala at the University of Redlands - Yahoo! Finance

They're scheduled again, and this write-up perpetuates the belief that "tradition" means that the sand mandala will be destroyed after it is finished. Here at local UPB campus years ago, the visiting monks' artwork was indeed destroyed when a boy was sent out to do so or not, but the prevalent tradition here is "my home, my rules" which apparently means the mandala was made in the wrong place. The local newspaper then printed up a story that claimed the destructive child had become the "most hated" in the region, and presumably was then harassed until dead.

How weird is that? Are we also to believe that the former series of actions has been preparation for Bulgarian murals art show currently displayed at UPB campus?  [See Bradford PA 'Real Time News' entry titled, 'Bulgarian muralist's work to be showcased at Pitt-Bradford' plus other entries at and][Poll below entered at 'World News' forum]

At any rate, prior to the monks' visit here in Bradford Township PA a telephone call-demand strategy elicited reply which presented a possible analogy between destruction of international artwork and repercussions should the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead and its worldwide historical content-imagery be destroyed in its Degolia PA placement -- the result was destruction of the sand mandala.

by-mail offers of the distracting sort

AARP mail continues to come my way.  Yesterday, a USPO-delivered post-card ad/notice from presented 'University apparel JUST FOR YOU!...' that features the name of addressed recipient  --  in other words, a series of photos showed shirts and a cap each bearing 'NEIL UNIVERSITY' in my case, and a price/size list.

Nobody wants to examine nose-mucous consistency and forms in a formal autopsy/lab setting, because they've never seen or read anything about a mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle, so now it's start our own damnable  post-secondary schools?  OK, this is not NY State.

Tim Holden: Objects can last many centuries as long as conditions are right - News

Tim Holden: Objects can last many centuries as long as conditions are right - News

This article describes search for a thorn from the crown of Jesus, activity for the most part poo-pooed unless preserved content-memory-images have been mentally transmitted to skeptics from rare and tiny waxy/gel mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle discovered in western Pennsylvania (USA) mountains. A mental-set of worldwide palm-trees 'released' (i.e. mental telepathy) in overcrowded Bradford PA public-school classroom has put such thorn search more securely within the realm of possibility since other-species linkages tend to protect such worldwide sites as a consequence of oracle-bead content-imagery viewable at ground-level beneath limestone roadside-rest structure that is also streamside in northeastern North American environs.

Aboriginal stone site feared wrecked - The West Australian

Aboriginal stone site feared wrecked - The West Australian

Those pesky fossil-fuel companies again -- the real issue that should be studied at this time and during past decades is just how much the presence of a 'special' palm tree in Australia, preserved image as young tree also viewable within mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle discovered in northwestern Pennsylvania (USA) mountain range, has affected petroleum deposits in the island continent, with regard to planetwide species-linkages that originate from oracle-bead site.

Infant-mortaility rates in Australia, as tracked within national newspaper entries,  may be more directly a result from planetwide oracle-bead phenomena than from any other effect.

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Make a liar of me..."

Decided to walk to BAPL today, through Callahan Park as a breather and refresher.  Surprise on the sidewalk, Interstate Parkway, in front of Medical Arts building  --  a plump +/-two-inch-long caterpillar meandering on the concrete, shades of grey, brown and black with recent snowfall all around.  Just past the Bradford PA city park entrance, walking on frozen/hard pack snowy sidewalk, a loud drilling noise was revealed to be a good-sized woodpecker working on/shaking a good-sized winter-weakened tree-branch that extended ever so closely to that sidewalk; therefore, plans to toss slightly-moldy grapefruit rinds into the brook were modified with clumps left in other tree-crook and on ground for a flock of robins and sounding crows foraging on the park sidewalk in the tennis-court area where small earthworms were lying all over the concrete a day or so ago.

The metal dumpster is gone from the parking lot beside Callahan Park.  A retaining-wall holding Bennett Brook waters is also cracked from top to bottom, as seen from southside bridge West Washington Street.

Large and heavy book titled The Atlas of Pennsylvania was published from Temple University Press in Philadelphia as the taskwork of Temple University, University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University in 1989, and is an example of the type of bookmaking that results from telephone call-demand strategies (author listing shows some surnames common to McKean County)  --  e.g., my insistent explanations about northwestern PA mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle which describe/d it as rubberlike and elastic such that its content-imagery can seem mosiac-like were incorporated into the volume as Page Six section 'Framing the Mosaic' (but I can't prove it).  The book provides many helpful thematic maps throughout the volume that show northwestern Pennsylvania as a very special place indeed, but all such specialness is easily attributed to the proximity of Lake Erie without any cognizance whatsoever about the effects of a rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead beneath a limestone roadside-rest structure (although a nod is privately given with regard to assumed effects of limestone placements in that [this] region and others).

Thursday, March 24, 2011

more thundercrunch

o  Yesterday's weather was a formula for misery continued, following Springlike weather and the first day of Spring  --  pinhead-sized hail interspersed with large raindrops during the early afternoon following renewed snow flurries, combination rainy thunder core followed with thundercrunch ice-crystal impact from the direction of Foster Brook, as heard from the East Washington Street bridge during late afternoon employee release from workplaces.  Piles of plowed snow obstructed the sidewalks at corner South Center Street and Barbour Street, whereas corner parking-lot was totally clear for vehicles.  A small TV was seen in snowy metal dumpster container that's a fixture in the Callahan Park vehicle lot.

Also, gunshots heard in the suddenly-col'-again early evening.

o  The local oil refinery has finally been fenced  --  good news for everyone wishing to walk about as normal humans usually do in the Tun'a Valley area, an action that should have easily been negotiated within McKean County PA population decades ago.  Apparently, the lack of vehicular front-bumper metal license-plates in the region has in some way contributed to metal chain-link availability, local politicos would have us believe, perhaps as some strategy to initiate a local movie studio.  Three city streets, i.e. Williams Street, Mill Street and Kendall Avenue, directly border the former Kendall Oil Company now known as American Refining Group  --  Mill Street moves traffic through ARG premises seen on both sides of that street, both vehicular and on foot (one streetside walkway each street).  Tun'a Creek moves water northward both through and beside (Mill Street) the petroleum oil-refinery.

Local terrorism about refinery premises boundaries has been privately prevalent as a sort of vigilante effort that can be alleged to have caused the deaths of a number of innocent resident/inhabitants, since group or individual drift into refinery equipment zones has always been possible (sometimes probable during specific circumstances), with directed trespass also a known option among local politicos using various rationales including perhaps the fact that local school systems are sometimes over-enrolled together with the wish to thin the active population with imprisonments/deaths or add to revenue with hopes to initiate trespassing fines.

It's a wonder  --  is the oil refinery located in Aruba fenced, or have the same terroristic tactics prevailed within those South American island environs?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

finally -- the original concept dawns

Today's morning TV ads included one that presents 'RushCard', that more closely alludes to 'getting behind the picture' so as to key in information at ATMs linked directly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation  --  different from the mass production of money-dispenser ATMs that have been so immediate (perhaps as an operation deliberately obstructing justice).  FBI-ATMs should be the present-day ATMs, although the term 'financial-institution support' has been interpreted such that FBI-ATMs will be the ATMs-of-the-Future not yet in place.

State and national Identification Cards can bear a magnetic strip that allows data/observation entries at an FBI-ATM, perhaps the first such machine to be located in Rushford NY.

Jugal Boss « Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings

Jugal Boss « Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings

Shows photos of dinosaurs with extended check-bones, categorized as Psittacosaurus.  Different from photo of a man with a metal spike through his cheek, that perhaps warns of the dangers to all if large modern-day semi-aquatic reptiles are simply seized, killed and ground up to make burgers. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

where oh where are the key words

Missing keywords and phrases, top to bottom:  (1) public-school, (2) focus and (3) survey, words inexplicably underlined as some kind of ISP website electronic action programmed from afar but missing from print-out.  Also, 'than' skipped in the last line of the comment posted at Bradford PA forum entry titled, 'tree cutting on rt 770 between Penn Hills and Aiken'.

That one of the characters in the Japanese alphabet resembles an oracle-bead...

Walked to BAPL this morning with Indochine Profonde notecard in hand, only to be told by one librarian that the book has [suddenly] been removed from The Hanley Collection moved into the library from former Carnegie Library premises addressed Congress at Corydon Streets decades ago.  Nothing is more irritating or hate-worthy than the sudden disappearance of a volume that provides relevant research material, especially since one photo shows a man with his cheek pierced using a pointed metal object, that might be linked with human remains found with animal oracle-bones in Shanghai, China.  If the book is gone with intent to find the mystery man and update the 'Indochina Experience', more power to them.

Otherwise, the stacks have also revealed book titled, Mr. Shakespeare of the Globe by Frayne Williams, New York:  E. H. Dutton & Company, Inc. 1941; the title is also found as one chapter within the volume that also presents chapter in Table of Contents titled 'The Great Folio of 1623' that may well be allusion to mucousal-artifact [egglike] oracle-bead content-imagery.  "...William Shakespeare, according to tradition, was born on April 23, 1564...a few weeks after his baptism a plague broke out in Stratford when more than 1/6th of the population lost their lives...(p. 40)...Robert Greene...pamphlet A Groat's Worth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance [the oracle-bead resembles a single grain of barley]...published by Chettle in 1592...(p.46)...parody of the line, "her tiger's heart wrapt in a woman's hide" in The True Tragedy...(p.47)...Henry Irving...The Bells...(p. 50)...newly erected Globe Theatre in 1599... (p. 59)...execution took place less than three weeks after the special programs of Richard II at the Globe...the court was well-prepared for Essex's invasion...troops were ordered out and officials despatched to different parts of London to proclaim Essex a traitor...later in the evening both men were found and condemned to death.  Southhampton was commuted to life ...while Essex lost his head upon the block, when it took three ax blows for the disseverment...(p. 59)...Shakespeare's patron, Southhampton...[and] Southhampton's closest friend...Robert Deveraux, second Earl of Essex...(p. 58)...King James was present in person when 200 witches were placed on trial for raising a sea storm which delayed his bride's crossing from the Continent...James was the cause of 600 wretched old women being burned for witchcraft...(p. 66)... ."

weekend disruptions

o  More gunshots were heard Saturday night within city limits, with the added ordeal of shoot-off as influence-network placement nearby former antique-period city reservoir now fenced and blockaded at its inner edges, some of those in the past converted to regional 'swimming pool' status where advocates of deep-south origin cement-block construction therefore prefer to congregate.  The ordeal worsens  --  never is abated or becomes beneficial  --  as a result from military-troop mentality that always ranks themselves over local police-officers.  I. e., perhaps the Prospect Avenue shooter doesn't think local laws apply to him, nor do patrols making deep ruts in mountainside dirt roads, where oil-rig equipment can be been seen overturned under mud or is now missing altogether.

o  Many empty glass beer bottles, some broken or shattered, were observed in the area around Zippo Manufacturing Company addressed Barbour Street here in Bradford PA city environs during walk Saturday morning, not far from influence-network placement 'Gunslinger Saloon' and its burned-out upper apartment addressed Mechanic Street.  [Typical disclaimers ready-to-be-chanted about such premises and other influence-network actions include "They didn't want to do it", although such ideas are demanded often using violent tones through the telephone from subject/respondents who didn't want to say it to such violent-sounding/attack-oriented callers.]

o  More about mis/uses of mental-set of memory-images transmitted as result from social-setting placement memory-extraction methods (claimed to be 'collaboration'), where memory-image sets originate from an archaeological artifact NOT from the United Nations as troop-member easy conclusion.  Hilarity AND damage result when mucousal-artifact imagery is mentally-transmitted to people who THEN are routed into the UN, such that beliefs that the memory-images originate from the UN can and do continue:

Friday, March 18, 2011

run-off continues

Took walk alongside Interstate Parkway to north end Sullivan Road, making pics of berm-area cast-offs such as roadside hairbrush (including bag of intact liquor/beer bottles at ISP merge with n end Sullivan Road), broken glass (including one shattered clear-glass Miller and one Molson Canadian bottles), and interesting-looking old trees.  Bare ground where once snow was piled high shows moderate-size rusting storm-drainage grates  --  two in the vicinity of a Volunteer Fire Department building and another in the front yard of home situated beside VFD, none in top safety-minded condition.  Multiple gloves lined chosen walking route, as if placed for guidance.  The intersection of Stone Avenue and ISP has a pothole cluster (below).

Returned to Pleasant Street via Sullivan Road, moving southward, and ISP.  Scored two short lengths of colorfast elastic bungi-cords with rusting hooks.  Jet-trails evident overhead.

[If a majority of local population sees and carries shattered-glass in their short-term memories, will a regional mucousal-artifact 'distraction' be 'scored'?]

relative inquiries and demands

Bradford PA was during a past era home to Bradford Business College, according to historical records, and the focus continues relentlessly in a city bearing an automotive name.  That telephone call-demand strategies from the UPB-campus area actually facilitated warehouse installation rather than archaeological-site preservation may be par for the course, with suspicions that such actions are a subterfuge intended to remove the 'Bradford' name from U. S. maps.  [See Bradford PA forum entry, poll titled' UPB really staging area to collect/distribute info?'.][I.e., no one can go running directly over to the roadside-rest structure now, nor can God Himself pry open its door with fingertips.]

The Spring 2011 issue of american archaeology (volume 15 no. one) presents 'Troyville Site Expanded' within its 'CONSERVANCY field notes' section that describes a site in "...Jonesville, Louisiana...mound complexes...embankment on three sides and a river on the fourth...Mound 4 acquired in 2009...second tract, Mound 1...donation by landowner...research can easily be conducted on it without disturbing graves...[that] did some damage to Mound 1, they also prevented it from being destroyed...".

The mucousal-artifact oracle-bead archaeological site in Degolia PA a few miles from Bradford PA has been actively (and deceptively  --  some of the gravestones are relocatees from other places) surrounded with a cemetery installation within past decades, also as action that may have preserved streamside limestone roadside-rest structure but that perhaps has adversely affected rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle beneath designated-monument (a shrine qualification).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

whoo-hoo! 50-degrees F and sunny!

Walked to BAPL, first through Callahan Park to leave lovely pink-and-white-hearts plastic bag filled with Coca-Cola (R) caps on a picnic table then moved eastward on West Washington Street sidewalk where a brown-glass beer-bottle was seen lying in a water-sogged grassy lot near Little Caesar's pizza place  --  all before noon-hour. A metal ball-bat with taped handle was seen to extend from the trash dumpster in the city-park vehicle parking-lot.  Small drainage-ports have been installed around the cracking BAHS athletic field above Bennett Brook; unusual narrow and lengthy potholes along yellow-painted W Washington roadway center-line.  During yet-morning return walk, made pic of disposable lighter propped among small sticks embedded in soil beside steps corner house School Street at N Center Street, across from past apartment-house total-loss conflagration converted to lawn-and-garage area.

After a small lunch (baked potato with margarine and snipped green onions), again walked northward on N Bennett Street to Winter Street and dirt roads above it  --  muddy yet some-what snowy in places with small streams of water moving downhill.  The area was populated with small birds throughout each walk, singing near nests that remained intact during and after the cold and snowy winter weather, as well as vocalizing crows.  A perennial but rusted tank is gone from its perch beside a three-trail oil-industry equipment zone, with instead two smaller rusting drum-containers set slightly above former perch.

Above:  During return walk from Leigh at Kennedy Street descent from muddy dirt roads, a white PVC-like tobacco-pipe-type (or gun-shaped?) object was seen in Pleasant Street alongside south curb not far from heinous-house premises.

what's next on the agenda?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

linguisticism and health -- a "spell on you"

check this out!

Barbed-wire = independence?  Hanging flag artwork on family garage, Pleasant Street in Bradford PA; another also seen in Lang Maid Lane area.  Might be orphan work (call in some real mental-health evaluators, please!).  [Photo  --  Winter 2010]

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ce n'est pas moi

[This is not a website advertisement.]

Above:  cleaned-up bag holding Coca-Cola contest bottlecaps, left in Callahan Park pavillion area here in Bradford city PA.

Paintings Stolen From The Gardner Museum :: Articles :: Boston Common Magazine

Paintings Stolen From The Gardner Museum :: Articles :: Boston Common Magazine

Last year's article shows pic of 'The Concert' by Johannes Vermeer that resembles a Bosch triptych.

Monday, March 14, 2011

from our salamanders to theirs...

Thanks to 'guitar' post dated March 12, 2011 at home-page forum entries-list, titled 'URGENT WARNING & MESSAGE - April May 2011' with reference to article titled 'NASA Scientist Explains Science Behind 'Supermoon' Phenomenon'.

A 'supermoon' was visible in the Martin County FL area not too longtime ago.

it's not just prejudice, it's...unfinished archaeology survey

Your name can attract a cultist's attention in more ways than 'just ethnic'.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quebec hockey legend Richard Martin dies following heart attack - Topix

Quebec hockey legend Richard Martin dies following heart attack - Topix

Martin is described as a "francophone" -- however, a brief chat in the 1970s with a different Martin active in school sports here in Bradford PA addressed 'marriage match-making' concerns that might result from prevalent telephone call-demand strategies, whereas a 'height report' and other information gathered about mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site in Degolia PA should have been a priority action. (Both surname 'Martin' and my last-name 'Neil' are thought to be directly French-origin.)

Recent St. Bonaventure University business-program upgrade at Allegany NY campus can be alleged to be directly motivated relative to various marketing name-use schemes as a sort of population-template mis/use made more possible than ever before using telephone call-demand scripts and methods.

my cousin, my self

My cousin Lucille, who might have eventually been free to closely witness the oracle-bead contents at archaeological site in Degolia PA, grew up in the Tun'a Valley village of Limestone NY that has recently been reported in local media as subject of petition to dissolve that village and incorporate it within Carrollton NY jurisdiction --  both just across the state-line from these Bradford PA city environs (see example articles presented within website, such as 'Limestone to become Hamlet' dated October 13, 2009).  Telephone call-demand strategies used my replies to tag hominid skeletal remains found in Africa as 'Lucy', an action that also affected a co-worker at Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development in San Francisco, CA, in the 1970s-1980s; the 'Lucy' remains number among content-images preserved within tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle (a mucousal artifact) found in Degolia PA in the 1960s (my childhood).

inferno predictions?

o  The PennyStocksUniverse website sends out frequent e-mail updates, such recent updates including:

>  "NetSavings on fire after affiliating with Walmart" dated March 7, 2011
>  "NetSavings is a must watch right now", also dated March 7, 2011
>  "...CXLT could explode...It could totally blow up!..." dated March 8, 2011

o  Woken out of a sound sleep  --  An ice sheet slipped from the roof of this Pleasant Street apartment last night, falling to the asphalt driveway with a loud smack that sounded like an explosion.  The ice sheet formed during a recent sunny day and could be seen sliding downward from one skylight; it slid to extend about a foot-and-a-half from the roof, overhanging the driveway while dripping drop-by-drop snowmelt Saturday afternoon, then thundered to the ground where it broke into pieces ranging from a few inches to a-foot-and-a half diameter flat pieces resembling flagstones in size and weight.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

where is it now

AOL presents today 'St. Patrick's Day Heist Still a Mystery', showing photo-image painting-detail that [only] resembles content of art-print triptych (canvas copy, Hieronymus Bosch now titled Garden of Earthly Delights) set out behind Capp Street apartment-house with FREE tag, near trash-cans in San Francisco CA (1980s).

LocalNet - Yemen police fire on protests; 3 killed

LocalNet - Yemen police fire on protests; 3 killed

Another bloody-hand pic! See Stuart FL forum, 'Organized Criminal-Gang Stalking in FL' perhaps relative to young fugitive named 'Faisal' who may have been 'the one' who was enrolled in northern California school district.

[See, 'List of Fugitives' page three.]

Friday, March 11, 2011

rejected again at

...'Culture' section, entry titled 'Unnecessary Pap Smears' where a number of comments (among thousands) have appeared from Australia both very recently and in the past.

who is wanted to do what to a rare and tiny artifact

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the shows and their ads/notices remain the same following t-i-a law enactment

...originally posted at 'Entertainment' section.

Scientists dig for Ice Age fossils in Los Angeles - 24 Hour National News - The Buffalo News

Scientists dig for Ice Age fossils in Los Angeles - 24 Hour National News - The Buffalo News

This is ongoing activity that, however, lacks knowledge and insight about content-imagery preserved within mucousal-artifact oracle-bead that shows 'stuck' creatures as they originally appeared in that environment (both genotype and phenotype).

artifact-interest and organized crime

Call-demand influence-network pooling and mis/uses of my explanations/descriptions with regard to tiny egglike mucousal-artifact oracle-bead found in Degolia PA have continued as if 'automatic pilot' mode, perhaps with 'twin-prop' type death result as reported, e.g., in Topix website Fox News article titled, 'New York Television Executive Faces Sentencing for Beheading Wife' this date.  Years ago, I mailed a site-description letter to Archaeology  magazine addressed in New York State office, but never received a reply.

Pterosaur embryo « Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings

Pterosaur embryo « Dave Hone's Archosaur Musings

..and when/were these alive, "How would they be picked up among other immense creatures?" is apparently the question within immigrant-zone commodity-stock-marketeers.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Millersville University to host annual Holocaust conference - News

Millersville University to host annual Holocaust conference - News

In some ways various mass-death settings can be linked with occult (mental telepathic) transmission of discrete content-images preserved within rare and tiny mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle -- image-carriers (discrete images carried in their brain-mass memories) are a 'special' set of individuals versus all others.

Monday, March 7, 2011

the 'Pebbles' look, cool and sunny

o  Blue silt-covered lighter in roadway West Washington Street, plus screwdiver with rusting shaft on berm near ISP intersection.

o  Brand-new shiny-green street-light pole installed in place of broken one, East Washington Street between bridge and Mechanic Street.

o  School bus rolls down Mechanic Street to park temporarily behind Country Fair for a brief pit stop, then returns to Mechanic Street, all somewhat in the manner of a RV  --  perhaps accounting for Friday's PVC trash cans in roadway leading to/from School Street Elementary School (one in Jackson/Seward Avenues at Mill Street intersection, and other just down the street from the school parking lot proper, in Pleasant Street).  Trafffic calming?

o  Large heavy-metal salvage container, lettered 'Olean NY', parked in driveway of church-building window-supply premises addressed Mechanic Street downslope from Jackson Avenue intersection, as flood-watch remains in effect for the Allegheny River at Olean NY.

o  Red knob sunken in muddy soil  between bricks, lettered 'Control Point', at northeast corner intersection Pearl/School Streets (could not be toed aside) one block from SSES.

[Where oh where are the skunk bones/pelts once lying alongside Bennett Brook and elsewhere at West Washington Street? ] [Where oh where is Indochine Profonde by J. P. Dannaud?  --  BAPL Online Catalog gives no entry to that or 'The Hanley Collection' when searched.]

Research News in Late Antiquity: Thomas F. Martin Fellowship, Villanova University, Villanova, PA

Research News in Late Antiquity: Thomas F. Martin Fellowship, Villanova University, Villanova, PA

How funny! Accurate information given through the telephone to History Professor Marvin Thomas here at local UPB campus either was or was not followed-up with oracle-bead site formal archaeological investigation -- why nots perhaps including the expectation that Thomas present his own personal family history during his tenure.

Bones bring a new story « Kent-Berlin Ostia Excavations

Bones bring a new story « Kent-Berlin Ostia Excavations

Archaeologists have been at work everywhere except mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site in Degolia PA.

BrainBlog: Upcoming Event: Brain Awareness Week (14-20 March 2011)

BrainBlog: Upcoming Event: Brain Awareness Week (14-20 March 2011)

Memory-images viewable within a mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle are mentally transmitted and circulated -- an occult activity -- but cannot be photographed during such activity (although modern nanotechnology might eventually enable photo-visual records showing such imagery preserved within the oracle-bead itself). Because the memory-images preserved within mucousal-artifact are discrete (in the way that photographs/illustrations included in books are discrete), a neurological link between memory-image carriers and various brain diseases (including plaque diseases) can possibly be established with further research.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

why no archaeological action at archaeological site

As true today as decades (or a month) ago, no action except alteration has been initiated at this Degolia PA archaeological site.

oh yeah, sure that's the right name?

Were Smart Boy Jones workers enslaved in the janitorial profession?

suddenly they're gone

Two recent polls entered at Topix website have disappeared  --  a 'divorce' poll entered in the 'Politics' section and a 'pipe-maker' poll entered in the 'Business' section.

Make/buy pipe-type street-signs, name a road/street?  Feudalism.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Gunshots heard between 2:55 - 3:00 p. m. this afternoon, some rapid-fire, after snowplow-er descended driveway in the rain pushing some small portion of snow a different way.  Driveway mostly bare, but ice inches thick remains piled between houses, and previously moved snow/icicles piled at garage door and drifted on neighbor's lawn.

abstracts with oracle-bead allusions

Telephone demand-call strategies in general are offensive activities that elicit explanations and information from individuals, such information then pooled and used in multiple ways right or wrong.  Such strategies have fostered a variety of studies and writings relative to oracle-bead mucousal-artifact existence and effects, however, without any direct reference or knowledge about such tiny waxy/gel historical records. website presents e-mail occasional 'Alerts' that give notice of new literature published within the Journal of Archaeological Science.  The May 2011 issue, Volume 38, issue 5, provides links to abstracts titled:

o  'Survival and recovery of DNA from ancient teeth and bones', by Adler, Haak, Donlon and Cooper
o  'Species specific marine radiocarbon reservoir effect:  a comparison of AR values between Patella vulgata (limpet) shell carbonate and Gadus morhua (Atlantic cod) bone collagen', by Russell, Cook, Ascough,  Barrett and Dugmore
o  'Analysis of ancient mycolic acids by using MALDI TOF MS:  Response to "Essentials in the use of mycolic acid biomarkers for tuberculosis detection" by Minnikin et al., 2010', by Mark, Gulyas-Fekete, Marksic, Molnar and Palfi.

other points of conflict with regard to archaeological site

Any name-use schemes relative to PA basketball championships are political machinery that results from observations of other-species/-people linkages, without cognizance about those linkages as phenomenal effects of re/actions near tiny waxy/gel mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle located in northwestern Pennsylvania mountain range.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

'unlimited' time

An entry at Bradford PA forum is titled, 'Jailed Wesley Snipes Appeals His Tax Convictions to the Supremes'  --  jailed here in McKean County PA Federal Corrections facility.

The temperature gauge read 0-degrees F here at Pleasant Street, 7:00 a.m. this morning.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunny but 20-degrees F

o  It's still there!  Plastic bag holding diaper again revealed during snow melt, beside front steps 'heinous house' Pleasant Street near Pearl Street.

o  It's still there!  Steam pouring from different areas and equipment within ARG alongside Mill Street, including dangling tube at sidewalk behind chain-link fence.

o  Funny!  Piled snow at roadway edge, sidewalk obstructed at State Farm Insurance premises addressed East Main Street (must walk on company property, the driveway).

o  Blue bicycle lying in grassy muck beside Tun'a Creek below bridge North Kendall Avenue; oil/gas sheen on waterstream surface near ARG quickly dissipates.

o  Brown-glass beer-bottle balanced at edge concrete steps, sloped Jackson Avenue address.