Saturday, March 5, 2011

abstracts with oracle-bead allusions

Telephone demand-call strategies in general are offensive activities that elicit explanations and information from individuals, such information then pooled and used in multiple ways right or wrong.  Such strategies have fostered a variety of studies and writings relative to oracle-bead mucousal-artifact existence and effects, however, without any direct reference or knowledge about such tiny waxy/gel historical records. website presents e-mail occasional 'Alerts' that give notice of new literature published within the Journal of Archaeological Science.  The May 2011 issue, Volume 38, issue 5, provides links to abstracts titled:

o  'Survival and recovery of DNA from ancient teeth and bones', by Adler, Haak, Donlon and Cooper
o  'Species specific marine radiocarbon reservoir effect:  a comparison of AR values between Patella vulgata (limpet) shell carbonate and Gadus morhua (Atlantic cod) bone collagen', by Russell, Cook, Ascough,  Barrett and Dugmore
o  'Analysis of ancient mycolic acids by using MALDI TOF MS:  Response to "Essentials in the use of mycolic acid biomarkers for tuberculosis detection" by Minnikin et al., 2010', by Mark, Gulyas-Fekete, Marksic, Molnar and Palfi.

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