Friday, March 18, 2011

run-off continues

Took walk alongside Interstate Parkway to north end Sullivan Road, making pics of berm-area cast-offs such as roadside hairbrush (including bag of intact liquor/beer bottles at ISP merge with n end Sullivan Road), broken glass (including one shattered clear-glass Miller and one Molson Canadian bottles), and interesting-looking old trees.  Bare ground where once snow was piled high shows moderate-size rusting storm-drainage grates  --  two in the vicinity of a Volunteer Fire Department building and another in the front yard of home situated beside VFD, none in top safety-minded condition.  Multiple gloves lined chosen walking route, as if placed for guidance.  The intersection of Stone Avenue and ISP has a pothole cluster (below).

Returned to Pleasant Street via Sullivan Road, moving southward, and ISP.  Scored two short lengths of colorfast elastic bungi-cords with rusting hooks.  Jet-trails evident overhead.

[If a majority of local population sees and carries shattered-glass in their short-term memories, will a regional mucousal-artifact 'distraction' be 'scored'?]

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