Wednesday, March 30, 2011

at this time, snow flurries AGAIN

This afternoon was cool and sunny, temperature high around 50-degrees Fahrenheit.  Picked up the remainder of a shattered brown-glass beer-bottle uncovered during snow-melt, on the sidewalk alongside N Center Street at corner with Pleasant Street.

Walked again to the library to read newspapers, and during the wait for today's edition of the Bradford Era, took up another French-language volume from the 'Hanley Collection' at BAPL, titled La Musique et la Ballet in La Revue Musicale, Dec. - Janv. 1953 No. 219, Editions Richard-Masse, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris.  This volume, as so many French-language volumes do, has pages not fully cut such that it is not easy reading unless a new note-card is used to'cut'/tear the page-folds open.  This is a great little book, with allusions throughout to the oracle-bead composition, placement and physical appearance as well as allusions to its effects.  Check this out, as page 13 allusion to the mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle in its outside placement:  "...Le Ballet ramene en somme a ses doux substances essentielles:  danse et musique.  La possibilite entrevue d'une choreographie pure, faite d'ordre et d'equilibre plastique, et aussi, d'une musique authentiquement creee [sic] en vue, du ballet et de la danse, hors de la contrainte d'un quelcenque livret... ." (Excerpt from chapter titled 'Origines Musicales Du Ballet' by Ferdinando Reyna.)  The text just goes on and on with literary allusions to the rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle- bead, and I truly hope that it does not disappear before the next chance to take more quotes from the volume.

Walked westward along West Washington Street, where a bottom-row window in the former McCourt Label building is slightly broken, not far from the rusting air-conditioner that overhangs the sidewalk between ISP and Bennett St.  There is also a small pellet-hole in the glass of the adjacent corner office setting, that was recently tidied-up with Halloween decor in the window-display area.

Poplin Avenue roadway work is progressing, although songbird's nest is gone and embankment below [another] antique-period Bradford PA city reservoir has been scraped bare with heavy earth-mover (goodbye flat rocks and bushes).  New wooden utility-poles have been installed alongside the asphalt walkway at the edge of Bennett Brook at inner parking-lot edge in Callahan Park, where melting icicles have slid from the ice-skating-rink eaves to stand upright in the grass at the base of that building.

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