Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend disruptions

o  More gunshots were heard Saturday night within city limits, with the added ordeal of shoot-off as influence-network placement nearby former antique-period city reservoir now fenced and blockaded at its inner edges, some of those in the past converted to regional 'swimming pool' status where advocates of deep-south origin cement-block construction therefore prefer to congregate.  The ordeal worsens  --  never is abated or becomes beneficial  --  as a result from military-troop mentality that always ranks themselves over local police-officers.  I. e., perhaps the Prospect Avenue shooter doesn't think local laws apply to him, nor do patrols making deep ruts in mountainside dirt roads, where oil-rig equipment can be been seen overturned under mud or is now missing altogether.

o  Many empty glass beer bottles, some broken or shattered, were observed in the area around Zippo Manufacturing Company addressed Barbour Street here in Bradford PA city environs during walk Saturday morning, not far from influence-network placement 'Gunslinger Saloon' and its burned-out upper apartment addressed Mechanic Street.  [Typical disclaimers ready-to-be-chanted about such premises and other influence-network actions include "They didn't want to do it", although such ideas are demanded often using violent tones through the telephone from subject/respondents who didn't want to say it to such violent-sounding/attack-oriented callers.]

o  More about mis/uses of mental-set of memory-images transmitted as result from social-setting placement memory-extraction methods (claimed to be 'collaboration'), where memory-image sets originate from an archaeological artifact NOT from the United Nations as troop-member easy conclusion.  Hilarity AND damage result when mucousal-artifact imagery is mentally-transmitted to people who THEN are routed into the UN, such that beliefs that the memory-images originate from the UN can and do continue:

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