Friday, March 18, 2011

relative inquiries and demands

Bradford PA was during a past era home to Bradford Business College, according to historical records, and the focus continues relentlessly in a city bearing an automotive name.  That telephone call-demand strategies from the UPB-campus area actually facilitated warehouse installation rather than archaeological-site preservation may be par for the course, with suspicions that such actions are a subterfuge intended to remove the 'Bradford' name from U. S. maps.  [See Bradford PA forum entry, poll titled' UPB really staging area to collect/distribute info?'.][I.e., no one can go running directly over to the roadside-rest structure now, nor can God Himself pry open its door with fingertips.]

The Spring 2011 issue of american archaeology (volume 15 no. one) presents 'Troyville Site Expanded' within its 'CONSERVANCY field notes' section that describes a site in "...Jonesville, Louisiana...mound complexes...embankment on three sides and a river on the fourth...Mound 4 acquired in 2009...second tract, Mound 1...donation by landowner...research can easily be conducted on it without disturbing graves...[that] did some damage to Mound 1, they also prevented it from being destroyed...".

The mucousal-artifact oracle-bead archaeological site in Degolia PA a few miles from Bradford PA has been actively (and deceptively  --  some of the gravestones are relocatees from other places) surrounded with a cemetery installation within past decades, also as action that may have preserved streamside limestone roadside-rest structure but that perhaps has adversely affected rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle beneath designated-monument (a shrine qualification).

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