Friday, March 25, 2011

"Make a liar of me..."

Decided to walk to BAPL today, through Callahan Park as a breather and refresher.  Surprise on the sidewalk, Interstate Parkway, in front of Medical Arts building  --  a plump +/-two-inch-long caterpillar meandering on the concrete, shades of grey, brown and black with recent snowfall all around.  Just past the Bradford PA city park entrance, walking on frozen/hard pack snowy sidewalk, a loud drilling noise was revealed to be a good-sized woodpecker working on/shaking a good-sized winter-weakened tree-branch that extended ever so closely to that sidewalk; therefore, plans to toss slightly-moldy grapefruit rinds into the brook were modified with clumps left in other tree-crook and on ground for a flock of robins and sounding crows foraging on the park sidewalk in the tennis-court area where small earthworms were lying all over the concrete a day or so ago.

The metal dumpster is gone from the parking lot beside Callahan Park.  A retaining-wall holding Bennett Brook waters is also cracked from top to bottom, as seen from southside bridge West Washington Street.

Large and heavy book titled The Atlas of Pennsylvania was published from Temple University Press in Philadelphia as the taskwork of Temple University, University of Pittsburgh and Penn State University in 1989, and is an example of the type of bookmaking that results from telephone call-demand strategies (author listing shows some surnames common to McKean County)  --  e.g., my insistent explanations about northwestern PA mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle which describe/d it as rubberlike and elastic such that its content-imagery can seem mosiac-like were incorporated into the volume as Page Six section 'Framing the Mosaic' (but I can't prove it).  The book provides many helpful thematic maps throughout the volume that show northwestern Pennsylvania as a very special place indeed, but all such specialness is easily attributed to the proximity of Lake Erie without any cognizance whatsoever about the effects of a rare and tiny waxy/gel oracle-bead beneath a limestone roadside-rest structure (although a nod is privately given with regard to assumed effects of limestone placements in that [this] region and others).

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