Monday, March 28, 2011

coupon time

While walking to the 'Union Square' area alongside Davis Street, where one of a number of 'Bradford Plaza's is busy, noticed that bagged infant diaper is gone from Pleasant Street 'heinous house' stepside and almost-full trash-can setting in front of that house with broom laid below steps barrier-style.

Two new large yellow signs installed on each side Walker Avenue moving eastward near intersection with Mechanic Street, each lettered 'DEAF CHILD AREA'; sunken north-side roadway small drainage grate and broken asphalt support in same neighborhood area extending to Kennedy Street.  Dead bird lying on walkway into Hanley Park from Kennedy Street beside Tun'a Creek; small denuded tree lying in streambed beneath Davis Street bridge in exact same position as larger tree now gone downstream after years lying below bridge.

Eye-catching orange-colored comb lying in yard, medical-building offices formerly addressed beside YMCA alongside Boylston Street here in Bradford PA.  Walk along West Washington Street onto Poplin Avenue shows roadway work in progress beside Bennett Brook near Callahan Park entrance, where large metal dumpster has been removed to BAHS parking lot across the brook-ford area.  The area swimming-pools, now split into one good-sized and one small pool different from one large pool decades ago, remain full with water and iced-over beside the ice-skating rink-building.

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