Sunday, March 13, 2011

inferno predictions?

o  The PennyStocksUniverse website sends out frequent e-mail updates, such recent updates including:

>  "NetSavings on fire after affiliating with Walmart" dated March 7, 2011
>  "NetSavings is a must watch right now", also dated March 7, 2011
>  "...CXLT could explode...It could totally blow up!..." dated March 8, 2011

o  Woken out of a sound sleep  --  An ice sheet slipped from the roof of this Pleasant Street apartment last night, falling to the asphalt driveway with a loud smack that sounded like an explosion.  The ice sheet formed during a recent sunny day and could be seen sliding downward from one skylight; it slid to extend about a foot-and-a-half from the roof, overhanging the driveway while dripping drop-by-drop snowmelt Saturday afternoon, then thundered to the ground where it broke into pieces ranging from a few inches to a-foot-and-a half diameter flat pieces resembling flagstones in size and weight.

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