Thursday, March 17, 2011

whoo-hoo! 50-degrees F and sunny!

Walked to BAPL, first through Callahan Park to leave lovely pink-and-white-hearts plastic bag filled with Coca-Cola (R) caps on a picnic table then moved eastward on West Washington Street sidewalk where a brown-glass beer-bottle was seen lying in a water-sogged grassy lot near Little Caesar's pizza place  --  all before noon-hour. A metal ball-bat with taped handle was seen to extend from the trash dumpster in the city-park vehicle parking-lot.  Small drainage-ports have been installed around the cracking BAHS athletic field above Bennett Brook; unusual narrow and lengthy potholes along yellow-painted W Washington roadway center-line.  During yet-morning return walk, made pic of disposable lighter propped among small sticks embedded in soil beside steps corner house School Street at N Center Street, across from past apartment-house total-loss conflagration converted to lawn-and-garage area.

After a small lunch (baked potato with margarine and snipped green onions), again walked northward on N Bennett Street to Winter Street and dirt roads above it  --  muddy yet some-what snowy in places with small streams of water moving downhill.  The area was populated with small birds throughout each walk, singing near nests that remained intact during and after the cold and snowy winter weather, as well as vocalizing crows.  A perennial but rusted tank is gone from its perch beside a three-trail oil-industry equipment zone, with instead two smaller rusting drum-containers set slightly above former perch.

Above:  During return walk from Leigh at Kennedy Street descent from muddy dirt roads, a white PVC-like tobacco-pipe-type (or gun-shaped?) object was seen in Pleasant Street alongside south curb not far from heinous-house premises.

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