Monday, March 7, 2011

the 'Pebbles' look, cool and sunny

o  Blue silt-covered lighter in roadway West Washington Street, plus screwdiver with rusting shaft on berm near ISP intersection.

o  Brand-new shiny-green street-light pole installed in place of broken one, East Washington Street between bridge and Mechanic Street.

o  School bus rolls down Mechanic Street to park temporarily behind Country Fair for a brief pit stop, then returns to Mechanic Street, all somewhat in the manner of a RV  --  perhaps accounting for Friday's PVC trash cans in roadway leading to/from School Street Elementary School (one in Jackson/Seward Avenues at Mill Street intersection, and other just down the street from the school parking lot proper, in Pleasant Street).  Trafffic calming?

o  Large heavy-metal salvage container, lettered 'Olean NY', parked in driveway of church-building window-supply premises addressed Mechanic Street downslope from Jackson Avenue intersection, as flood-watch remains in effect for the Allegheny River at Olean NY.

o  Red knob sunken in muddy soil  between bricks, lettered 'Control Point', at northeast corner intersection Pearl/School Streets (could not be toed aside) one block from SSES.

[Where oh where are the skunk bones/pelts once lying alongside Bennett Brook and elsewhere at West Washington Street? ] [Where oh where is Indochine Profonde by J. P. Dannaud?  --  BAPL Online Catalog gives no entry to that or 'The Hanley Collection' when searched.]

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