Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunny but 20-degrees F

o  It's still there!  Plastic bag holding diaper again revealed during snow melt, beside front steps 'heinous house' Pleasant Street near Pearl Street.

o  It's still there!  Steam pouring from different areas and equipment within ARG alongside Mill Street, including dangling tube at sidewalk behind chain-link fence.

o  Funny!  Piled snow at roadway edge, sidewalk obstructed at State Farm Insurance premises addressed East Main Street (must walk on company property, the driveway).

o  Blue bicycle lying in grassy muck beside Tun'a Creek below bridge North Kendall Avenue; oil/gas sheen on waterstream surface near ARG quickly dissipates.

o  Brown-glass beer-bottle balanced at edge concrete steps, sloped Jackson Avenue address.

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