Tuesday, August 31, 2010


o  Well into a long period of 'no front license plates' on motor vehicles, resulting from a "Do you want to pay for two metal license plates?" influence-networking demand-call strategy (non-disclosed 'poll'), the SBA and Federal Stimulus Programs among other funding sources may be asked at this late date to back home/small-business license-plate waterproof/rustproof laminates option using images of purchased single plate.  Has pedestrian death-rate data been compiled during one-plate period, plus driver-confusion death-rates from collisions?   --  Will such death-rates, caused by demand-call strategy, be used to justify laminate-demand strategies?

o  The yellow-painted bike frame is no longer standing in its original creekside position.  However, two pairs of shoes lie in the Tun'a Creek waterstream in the E. Washington Street bridge area  --  one low-heel coral-colored and the other off-white flats.  A brand-new small pink-and-sparkly toddler shoe attracts attention on sidewalk beside west-side Davis Street at the base of a telephone pole, intersection with Forman Street.

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