Saturday, August 14, 2010

what a switch

Yesterday's walk to the downtown Mainstreet Mercantile area included a look at a yard sale advertised in the local Bradford Era newspaper addressed East Corydon Street, and pass-by the Italian Festival set-up with its planned Italian-food sales and more than a half dozen portable 'outhouses' nearby TOPS Market and the 'Sons of Italy' building along Festival Way that intersects with Main Street in downtown Bradford PA.  The Italian-Americanization Society is addressed blocks away, on Marilyn Horne Way that also intersects with Main Street.  The Festival is very small, using TOPS parking lot and La Stella Lodge as set-up areas.

The peninsula city of San Francisco, CA, also presents an Italian Festival each year with parade, in a neighborhood not far from a 'special' tall palm-tree in Golden Gate Park, viewable as 'Image #1 baby-palm-tree' at the surface of the Degolia PA mucousal oracle-bead chronicle found beneath a limestone roadside-rest decades ago.  Image #1, the first of a strand of historical images  --  some ancient  --  coiled within the waxy/gel oracle-bead artifact, appears to be a 'speck' of palm-dust nearby a South Bradford Farmers' Market when sighted close by the streamside limestone structure.

Nine-volt batteries were successfully purchased for the smoke/carbon-monoxide alarms here.  An unusual minivan plastered with football and other sports images was seen leaving the BAPL parking lot.

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