Thursday, August 19, 2010

back to the High road

Reversed yesterday's walk, beginning from the public library again addressed West Washington Street.  Proceeded from the library to Main Street along Mechanic Street and walked to the end where it intersects with High Street and East Main Street; made note about roadway hand-sized hole in asphalt nearby Eagles Club premises, again +/- one foot deep; then further along East Main Street to cross and step up first 'disappeared'-home-lot concrete stairway east side to 'disappearing' sidewalk, where lay an intact Bud Light bottle.  Pushed through short path bearing old acorns; picked some up and pocketed for dirt road passage.  Passed working and noisy oil rig (that also dissuades roaming wildlife whether any oil is collected or not) at second concrete stairway to lot; picked up broken Bud Light brown beer-bottle pieces at third concrete stairway to empty lot  --  the oil rig cable-movements are noisy and there is also pipe-ramming noise/action (and danger) a few yards directly upslope from sidewalk.

Returned to East Avenue where both oil-rig noise and traffic noise were significantly loud nearby General Roofing Company, the Route 219-bypass traffic adding to the non-abated oil-rig noise  --  meaning more not less machine-noise overall in that neighborhood.  Walked uphill until again reaching dirt road where 'California'-lettered sweatshirt lay; folded garment and placed in grocery bag with seedling yet embedded in hood, then added peat pot to stabilize plant.  Scattered acorns below squirrel in tree, and carrot-tops et al in muddy ditch among animal tracks. Regained Hillside Avenue, moved downhill to High Street and left the bag/contents in a small shaded area beside the 'high side' elevated walkway.  Made photos, shadowed oil-industry equipment plus views toward Degolia PA.  Descended along Elm Street through Tun'a Valley to other side, made more photos of views toward Degolia and again walked up stony trail behind West Corydon Street at Tibbitts Avenue (knife in tree is gone); continued along dirt road to Tuna Avenue.

Descended Tuna Avenue, then walked along West Corydon Street toward downtown Bradford PA, removing a supermarket shopping-cart from inner placement beside metal guard rail, above visible grassy pathway extending directly downslope to the creek; pulled cart to TOPS Market.  Trudged to SaveALot to buy popsicles, then returned to Pleasant Street family home.

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