Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday in the downtown Bradford PA area

Returned to the East Corydon Street yard sale near Sehman's Auto; searched the small stacks of books set out on the porch in cardboard boxes, explaining about research attempts.  Proceeded to TOPS Market, passing the former 'Old Post Office', a dignified and spacious building with large windows and stonework steps  -- very different from the cubby-like USPS set-up now operational on Boylston Street.  Exactly six portable toilets were set in a row a few steps from the supermarket entrance, together with a hand-sanitizing station.

Racked beside the check-out line, The National Enquirer presented a front-page story-line that purported to describe Angelina Jolie's return to a mental hospital.  Duh  --  is she French-speaking or not (Brad)?

Footsteps casually strolled around the West Washington Street corner with Mechanic Street, where a body-piercing 'business' was in the past housed within a fine brick building, passed by a small dead sparrow slumped over a metal drainage grate  --  definitely a position worth suspicion.  A pile of fast-food julienne-fried potatoes somehow dumped near Moonan's car wash addressed West Washington Street have slowly been carried, a fistfull at a time, to be scattered in Tun'a Creek for summertime critters to ingest.  What appears to be a white fiber noose is submerged in the creek water nearby now-empty demolition (former dance studio upstairs) site located beside brick building  --  about ten feet long looped around a streambed stone.

[Note:  the moved 'body-piercing' business now appears to be housed within 'Primal Studios' recording-studio premises, if lettering on windows is notice.]

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