Monday, August 9, 2010

Creekbed shopping-cart retrieval

Voila! the shopping cart is removed from Tun'a Creek where it did lay below the three-pugs house addressed Miller Street. The footing is always slippery in the sunny Davis St. waterstream environs in the summertime because algae and silt accumulate in the creekbed.  Otherwise, the creekside concrete drainage areas make a simple walk to the crashed cart from the inclined accessway, that was then pulled across the creek through ankle-deep water and over good-sized stones to the sidewalk and further to TOPS parking lot bearing some slimy mud.

Note was made of sidewalk condition that extends a few steps from Davis Street bridge walkway to Hanley Park, where asphalt applied between skateboard court and bridge walkway has stretched, leaving fissures +/- a foot deep that might turn an ankle.

A large tree trunk is now lodged beneath the bridge, the remains of a once-live tree now devoid of branches and foliage.

All aqua-socks in that area have disappeared except a pair of large size 12-14s in CVS store.

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