Tuesday, August 31, 2010

warm and humid walk through Callahan Park

The dead woodchuck/groundhog was gone from its position beside Bennett Brook, and hope that it was not simply garbage-binned was evident.  There were fewer wild cherries lying on the pathways that extend through the parklands, meaning that a duty to collect and plant them is perhaps now in force.  School has resumed in the region, pre-Labor Day, and the park swimming pool is locked up and empty  --  as if the valley's main purpose is to accommodate and train children, who however somewhat predictably die from classroom overcrowding and/or the demands of locally-housed troop members pressured to write a book (never forthcoming) about the unusual reverse-polarity Tun'a Valley environs.

The Bradford Era dated 8/26/2010 gives a page-two article titled, 'Carnegie Mellon to suspend Greek program', from Pittsburgh, "...masters program it began in Athens in 2002...in information networking...the foreign campus... ."  Because informal continental searchs to find a match with the Degolia PA mucousal oracle-bead artifact have been active without disclosure, often with the belief (and hope) that the artifact was/is a type of edible salamander egg, quite a number of other regional/world activity 'fronts' (that, i.e., might also hope to set up marijuana/cannabis-sativa cultivation areas as well) are no doubt being identified and curtailed in favor of planned legal, formal investigation venues.

The SAS Bulletin (Fall 2010), Volume 33, Number 3) gives a front-page editorial that summarizes "...biochemical analyses of stable isotopes...used to answer questions about human behavior...38th International Symposium on Archaeometry, held in Tampa FL this past spring...Robert Tykot's special session about the isotopic analyses of human remains...revised recovery techniques now include microsampling, there is always a detrimental impact on the human remains.... ." by Jay VanderVeen, Editor.

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